Cut the Creeping Lazy Vine

Many of us can be a little lazy when it comes to exercising or maintaining our health. Okay, not just “a little” we can be “very” lazy. It’s been over a year since I’ve lost the 15kgs worth of fat and so far I’ve been pretty good at maintaining it. I have not gained more than 2 kgs and when it goes up a kg or so, I push it down. I am, however, starting to feel the laziness creep up on me.

Since the New Years, moving house, unpacking, traffic, and whatever excuse I can think of, I’ve been waking up a little later each morning. I rush out to run yet it is losing steam. I sleep a little later each night which is terrible when I need to wake up early. In addition, when I come home each day the table is set full of food. Oh how tempting all this wonderful food is. When I insist on having fruits, worried looks appear. Perhaps I will be lacking some proteins or vitamins. One must surely eat more. I adhere for I do not want to disappoint (or so I tell myself when in fact I am tempted by the sweet aroma)

Yet all this is just excuses. I must not give in to my lazy bones and must get myself running at full steam. If I could do it before 4 times a week to lose weight, now 2 times a week should be easy peasy.

If you feel the lazy creeps start climbing up and shadowing the active energetic you, cut it down and let’s start exercising at full steam again. Get rid of those lazy bones. Set the clock before you sleep, when it rings, jump up, dress up and go. Do not put a second’s thought into it. Do not roll around in bed debating between going and staying. Just jump up and GO!

Okay, so now I must go and set my alarm clock. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my running days. Happy running everyone!

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