Life. What is it? What is the meaning of all this?  We all wonder about it every now and then…I do all the time. Below are my ramblings and thoughts as well as other random posts on things I observe and feel.  newest on top)  It is reflective of events around me and all that happens. Please feel free to comment! Discussions are always welcomed 🙂  Thank you 🙂

The Royal Wedding of Kate and William

The Forest Trees: A Poem

Different Realities

Having “Down Time”

The Guard

Happy Songkran!

In Search of “Good”

Playing the Mind

The Thai Red Cross Fair

What Sacrifice Means…

Help the Flooded South

Do, Do Good

Regrets, Regret Not

Earth Hour : Love the Planet

Cherish this Planet Earth: Stop Global Warming

Happy Anniversary!

Little Things That Matter

A Changed World

Younger now than I was before

A Contemplation on Japan’s Earthquake: Life is More

Prayers for Japan

 iPad 2 vs. iPad 1

 The Trumpet of Health

Relaxing Sundays


The “To Do” List

The Concept of “Time”

Everyday is Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sunday of Love

Pink Blossoms on Your Path

Car Free Freedom

“Accustomed” : Yes I am.

I like, You Like : Peace

Please “alight”

“Life” on this Earth

The Adjective

A decade of memories……or junk?

De-Clutter and De-Stress!

Forgive, Forget, and Move On

Quiet Time, Quiet Contemplation

Storage Tip: Earrings and Cufflinks

2011: New Year, New Life , New Goals

Christmas Gift Tips

“Home” Is Where The Heart Is

Fitness fashion: Did you know?

Run but Run Abroad?

White Snow and Dyzio

A Daydream

A Perfect Evening With Chopin

An Encounter to Remember

The Vegetarian Festival (Tesagan Kin Je)

Beige it is.

A “Good” Time

Why Laughing is Good for You

Please Don’t Jump!

The Pay Day Effect

In Remembrance of Dyzio od Abruchy: My One and Only

The Mid-Autumn Festival: Mooncakes

A Thousand Dreams

The Power of Words

The Flying Lizard

Unwire and Disconnect: Phone addiction detected

Time flies but its in your hands

Remember September 11

Hari Raya Mozz Cato Cookies

The bare essentials

Why Me, Why Me…..Why Not Me?

Travel to New Places

Taking a “Break”

Cured by “Soup”

Stay Away Flu!

Magical Fireworks

Life is about “You”


Happy Mother’s Day! 😀

Simply Happy

Counting Life

The Root Cause

Siriraj Hospital

Discipline not Love

The Dragon Within

Happy Birthday!

Old is Beautiful


Living Without

More than “Words”

The Black One

To “Fear” or not to “Fear”

That Which is “Perfect”

One for All and All for One

Beckham the Horse

“Just Do It”

Swisa’s Theory on Facial Features

Gossip girls…

Let loose..

“Thank you” 🙂

Little Hopes

Who’s got milk?

Horses fear not

Back to Nature

Practice makes perfect


The Thing About “Perception”

Belts, I understand…

Believe, do, and it shall be…

When I have “more” time…

The Sound of Vuvuzela

Neither Here Nor There

Good days, Bad days

Lazy Sundays Wanted

Getting Rid of Lazy Bones

The Big Blue Bus

Thonglor Soi 10

Bangkok Smiles


Eating Durians

The Tapping Rain

No Right or Wrong

Return to the City

Born Free

A Time For Renewal

Pray for Thailand

Outside the Warzone

For Power and Greed

The Dilemma

The Sound of Silence

The Temple of Dawn

Forever Changed

Sleeping Beauty

An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Guilty of Gluttony

Receive with simplicity…

Noodles for lunch

Up on the High Stool

Shoe size?

Fruit Salads are Great!

See me not my shirt

Too much of “Me”

Very Red Tomatoes

Pictures….Past and Present

It Ain’t About Inner Beauty


Actions not Words


It’s all in your Mind

Over Rewarding.. 😛

Life is Short

The Little Decisions That Matter

No Stress 😀

No right or wrong

Know the Consequence

Money ain’t everything

In Pursuit of Happiness

A Sense of Fashion

A Funny Thing About Bone Structure

I Promise..


Celebrating Friendships: Another April Birthday

An April Birthday to Remember


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