“After You” Desserts

The other day I finally got to try out this dessert place called “After You” that has been the talk of the town for awhile now.  I just couldn’t find the justification to wait in the long line that snakes around the front of its many stores.  The line was always so long and I was always in a rush to go somewhere.  After listening to my friends rave about it’s delicious desserts over dinner, we finally decided to go there afterwards and I’m glad I did.  Their desserts are great for those who love chocolate and carbohydrates.

I went to their newly opened store at Siam Paragon Ground Floor.  Like all of its other stores at La Villa , J-Avenue, there was a long line of people waiting outside the shop.  The owner must be so proud that their hard work pays off.  We make a reservation for a table of four and surprisingly they say the wait should be less than 20 minutes.  I look at the groups of people who are there before me and get a little skeptical, but I give him the benefit of the doubt.  We wait, and surprisingly the wait was less than 20 minutes!  Service here is fast, friendly and efficient

We get our tables, order at the cashier and wait for the desserts to arrive.  If you want free water and light tea, its self service.  Wonderful.

Upon recommendation of my good friend, we order what she considers the “best” choices and I have to admit they were all good.  1)  Shibuya Honey Toast  2) Chocolate Mud Brownie 3) Chocolate Pancake and for drinks she recommends the Earl Grey Milk Tea.  We ordered enough to make anyone on a diet lose their discipline.  It’s not somewhere you want to go if you are trying to lose weight.

If you like crunchy like my dear friend does, order the “small” honey toast.  What is it?  It is basically a thick slice of butter infused toast with a sugar crust, served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and syrup.  The syrup comes in a jar so you can have as much of it as you want.  We had a lot of it.   If, however, you want softer honey toast that soaks up the syrup, my friend recommends the “large” shibuya honey toast.

The Chocolate Mud Brownie I have to say was my favourite.  I love chocolate and this one was indeed a dark dark rich velvety chocolate brownie. I also love the fact that its served warm with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge.  It is pure pleasure to have a bite of it.

The chocolate pancake was the heatlhiest one as it’s a pancake with rich dark chocolate sauce.  I like it for the fact that it lightens the taste buds after the richness of the Shibuya Honey Toast and Chocolate Mud Brownie.  We polish it clean as if we didn’t have a full dinner beforehand.

I look at the menu and there are still a few things I’d like to try: the Chocolate Lava and Hot Apple Cider.  There is Japanese and on the menu, of course for such a japanese inspired dessert place with the “shibuya honey toast.”

I suppose I will have to go back, but not until after I’ve been running for a bit…