Unbelievably I did it in the end. I lost 15 kgs (33lbs) over a period of six months in 2009 and it has since changed my life.  For someone who has always been chubby ever since she can remember, it was not easy, but now its done I wonder why I didn’t do this sooner.  Anyhow, its better late than never as the saying goes. 

Below are the list of posts (newest on top) I have written about tips and techniques that helped me lose weight and stay fit.  My weight has been constant for over a year now and I will no longer let it get out of hand…  As a good friend of mine summarized, my life is : “eat” then “run” or “run” then “eat.”  I don’t believe in fad diets, I eat what I want to, but I have to be aware of the consequence.  Running keeps my weight in check…

Good luck and Good health everyone! 🙂

Peaceful Running

Having “Down Time”

Sleep Well, Sleep Tight, Sleep Early

Cut the Creeping Lazy Vine

Running Tip: Breathe from da Belly

“‘Good” Fats versus “Bad” Fats 

 The Trumpet of Health

Relaxing Sundays


The “To Do” List

5K Cancer Care Charity Fun Run

10 Tips on How to Get that Diet Started!

Surviving Christmas Tip: Plan Your Meals

Fitness fashion: Did you know?

Run but Run Abroad?

Fitness Tip: Eat First then Shop

Cheat Not, Run For Yourself.

My 5K Bangkok Marathon

Run Outside and Focus

Beige it is.

How to Tie Your Shoes

Learning to Tie My Shoes

Eat, Not All

No denial, no anger, good health

Stretch Before You Run!

Run. Run Properly

Discipline not Love

The Cereal Misperception

Your Heart: The Engine of Life

“Just Do It”

Top 12 Steps to Getting Healthy and Fit

Who’s got milk?

The Thing About “Perception”

Belts, I understand…

Breakfast like a King

Getting Rid of Lazy Bones

Sleeping Beauty

An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Guilty of Gluttony

Ostrich meat?

Shoe size?

Very Red Tomatoes

Pictures….Past and Present

It Ain’t About Inner Beauty

It’s all in your Mind

Over Rewarding.. 😛

Potato Potatoes

Overdoing Fruit Juice

Sugar Alert

Heat Stroke

Back in Time with Jack LaLanne

Know the Consequence

Be Consistent

Eggs for Easter

No Skins Please

In Pursuit of Happiness

You Are What You Eat

Treadmill vs. Stationary Running

Many Small Meals or Fewer Big Meals?

A Sense of Fashion

Cause or Effect ?

Portion size?

Watch the calories

A Funny Thing About Bone Structure

Get the Right Shoes

Get Physical and Run!

Patience is a Virtue

I Feel Good…Yeah!

Eat Whole Grains

It’s a matter of attitude

Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

The Miracle of Water

Self Awareness

I Promise..




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