In Search of “Good”

Being a bit stressed out, I turned to Gossip Girls which is now on Season four.  I know I’m way past highschool but it’s a good stress reliever and the fashion is just fun to watch.  I get to update myself on the latest fashion trends and wonder how their lives can be so dramatic and full of fafa.  I have to say Season one was the best, but yet I still find myself watching the couples change in as many combinations as possible.  It’s not all bad though.  Some truths and lessons can be learnt from it.  Afterall, these characters are just people like ourselves and despite all their planning and trickery, they strive to be “good” people.

Chuck at one point becomes a better person and Mrs. Bass too admits her mistakes.  It is a reflection of life.  No one is perfect in this world, no matter how wonderful you think their life is.  They have all the money one could possibly want, yet what we see is that each and every character is always striving to do the “right” thing.  They make mistakes, they learn from it and they try to move on.  Each step of the way they learn a little more about themselves and the persons they actually are. “Right” for one person might not be “right” for other people.

What I find most important though is that in the end, everyone strives to be “good.”  They want to be someone that their families can be proud of, someone with good morals and no wrong intentions.  You have to pay for your own mistakes.  If you made the mistake, you suffer the consequences.  No one else can be held responsible for it.

This for me is what life should be about.   Life should be spent trying to be “good” person.  I know I’m not perfect, but I try not to be someone I would be ashamed to admit was me.  If I have wronged anyone, I know I will one day pay for it.   There’s no way to escape one’s actions.

So who said Gossip Girls wasn’t educational?  If you think about it, anything can be educational 😀