Playing the Mind

My breakfast discussion this morning concerned attitudes and how most things in life depends on how you view and see things.  Definitely true.  While bicycling later on this past afternoon at the gym I read an article on how exercise is about setting goals and believing you can do it. Also very true.  I’ve experienced it myself and I know losing weight for me required first and foremost a change in attitudes and the way I perceived things.  You may think that achieving is mainly about reaching the goal, but in reality, how you get to the goal is really a process that involves a lot of changes in attitudes and how you think.

As we all probably know,  if you want to accomplish something, you have to set a goal.  What is it you really want in the end?  What is the end result?  This is simple enough.  To achieve anything we need a good and clear goal that is, of course, measurable.  Take for example losing weight.  I wanted to lose weight.  At first I wanted to lose only 5 kgs, but once the momentum started, I thought why not more?  Plus, there was also Alex who kept moving the target for me little by little.  Thank you 🙂

What I hadn’t realize at the time but eventually discovered later on was that before I actually started doing the actual running, the exercises and waking myself up in the wee hours of the morning to run, I had been going through a process of mental change.  A change that is to be instrumental in my path to a healthier me.

Talking with a friend the other day, she reminded me of how during my chubby days I used to tell her, “I don’t care if I’m fat, I enjoy eating.  I like eating and it doesn’t cause anyone any harm.  People should see me for me.”    Another friend said she dared not tell me I was getting big, she just invited me to the gym instead.  Now it’s something we can all discuss about openly.  I’ve changed and attitudes have changed.

What I said back then was “chubby me” talking.  “Chubby me” had taken over and ruled my chubby body.  I exercised, but I ate more than I burned.  I was happy, I did whatever I wanted, I just had trouble finding clothes.  Minor detail.  People were too obsessive about weight and beauty I thought.  Superficial wasn’t for me.

I didn’t owe a weigh scale and so never realized the extent of my weight gain.  I was living in denial.  When people commented on my weight, I’d ignore it and smile, but deep inside I did feel it.  I felt every word. Why won’t people just stop bothering me about my size?  Some even offered me money if I lost weight.  I thought it an insult.  Money cannot buy me. I kept on eating.

In reality, I just didn’t know what to do about it and I didn’t think I could.  I was scared.  I was scared of what would happen if I lost the comfort of my chubby me.  Who would I be if not the chubby me I’ve always known?

The change started when one day I decided “no more.”  I don’t recall exactly the day but the trigger point was my birthday, hitting the thirties and realizing I wasn’t getting any younger. I didn’t have that much time left on earth.  Wrinkles were appearing and here I was still chubby.  It wasn’t cute anymore.

The first mental change occured with my deciding that it was something I really really wanted.  Not just a goal.  I had to really think hard about it.  I had to feel a passion for it.  I had to want it for myself, not for anyone else.  I had to not care about what others would think.

If you want it bad enough, you’d make it happen.  That’s exactly what “The Secret” is really all about.  Basically, if you are thinking about something all the time, your actions will be geared towards achieving that goal and you will see opportunities that previously you had ignored.

Another key point for me was buying a weigh scale.  I had to face up to the truth of my weight.  It’s not that easy.  I always blamed it on my broken machine that I never bothered to replace.  Buying a scale was a step closer to achieving the goal.  It set my mind towards losing weight.  The first time I stepped on it, I took a deep breath.

Finally to be successful, the secret is to really believe you can do it. Believe in yourself.  Believe that the goal is achievable and that you will reach it.  Envision yourself in that bikini or that sleeveless dress you always wanted.

Most will complain that it’s such a pain to lose weight.  They would ask me, “How can you go about being so strict on what you eat and not having unhealthy food?”   My answer is this:  I’d prefer to sacrifice six months of my life to not eating delicious fatty foods then spend the rest of my life forever “trying” to lose weight. 

I don’t know how many years of my life I’ve had losing weight as a resolution, but I know that for the second year of my life, I don’t have to worry about losing weight and can instead work on other resolutions.  To achieve something, it’s really just playing the mind. 

If it’s scared, if it doesn’t know what to do.  Tell it can, and you can.  Afterall, you’re the one in control 🙂

Bangkok dining: The Garret @ Ekamai

Today I had a wonderful girls day out with a group of friends I’ve known since I was still in fifth grade.  Gosh it was a long time ago, but it’s always good to see everyone again.  We use birthdays as an excuse to catch up, chit chat and try out new restaurants.  Today the birthday girl decided that we go try out this restaurant ontop of the Mini showroom called “The Garret.” We all loved it and spent a good few hours there enjoying the company, the food, and the ambiance. Thank you for finding this place 🙂

Now I’m a big fan of Mini Coopers which made the journey to the final destination that much more fun.   I got there early, walked around the showroom and immersed myself in the cuteness of Mini Cooper.  There’s something about it that just makes you smile when you see it.  Especially when they are there sitting in rows as if it were waiting for me to just pop in and take a ride.  It pains me to think that if I lived in the US it would be much much cheaper than in Bangkok (tax is around 240%) and it would cost less than my  little white Honda Jazz.  Oh well.  One can’t have everything in life.

 I eventually make it to “The Garet Secret Bistro Bar.”  I have no clue what the name means and google enlightens me with a definition “An attic or semi-finished room just beneath the roof of a house.”  It makes perfect sense.  This is a room above the Mini showroom. I wonder though,  Why is it secret?  If anyone knows, please let me know. Thank you.

I like the atmosphere.  Being lunchtime, it was nice and airy with a rooftop view of Bangkok. Colours are my thing and I particularly enjoyed the splashes of colours here and there that were used in the room’s interior.  The yellow and slate coloured uniforms of the waiters and waitresses and the green background of the bar contrasted with yellow lampshades.  The dark red cushions with wooden chairs gives the place a comfortable and warm ambiance.  It was a relaxing place to be, not too overdone.   There’s a bicycle by the entrance and some random pieces of sculpture and an old telephone.  It goes well nevertheless.

We stayed there until almost 3pm.  A three hour lunch.

I think the fact that once the few tables that ate at the place finished their lunch, it seemed like we had the place to ourselves.  You might wonder why were there so few people? I wondered too.  I think it’s because it’s probably a place that’s more frequented at night than during the day time.

The food was my cup of tea.  I like food like this. I like burgers, big juicy ones where you can take big satisfying bites into.  They have a page full of burgers for you to choose from ranging from Wagyu Chunk beef burger (950thb), Lamb burger (390thb), to Foie Gras Burger (570thb).   I also liked the fact that you can choose what time of bread you want, your side dishes, and if you want truffle french fries it’s an additional 100thb.  Not bad.  I wanted it to be as good as the Shoestring truffle fries at PS Cafe in Singapore, but it wasn’t.  It was good juicy fries, but I wished there were more truffle.


If you are not a meat eater (as were some of my friends), the spaghetti were just as good.  The Italian sausage with spicy tomato sauce (280thb) was indeed spicy, and the parmigiana (350thb) was good.

Dessert was also not bad.  We had the molten chocolate (which wasn’t very molten, but that maybe because we spent too much time looking and taking pictures that the chocolate continued to cook inside), the Apple Garret (190thb) whch is really lovely tin slices of apple pie served with custard and Pineapple Tarte Tartin (190thb). 

Portion sizewise it is also quite reasonable and if you don’t eat too much any main can easily be shared for two.  We just went all out and ate our hearts out.  13 dishes for six people not including drinks.  Yes we ate that much.  I counted.  Tomorrow I’m going to have to make up by running my heart out and doing extra cardio, but it was worth it.  What’s exercise if you can’t enjoy life now and then right?

The service was also wonderful.  There are plenty of staff and when I asked them to bring out some cake I had bought for the Bday girl and asked them to put on some candles, they did so happily.  Everything came out on a beautiful platter and a candle for wish to blow on.  Thank you Garet 🙂

So if you want somewhere secluded, fun, and good food, I recommend “The Garet” during lunchtime.  In the evening I’m sure there’ll be a different vibe, with the balcony and people walking out and about. If you have Citibank, it gives you  25 percent discount on food!!! Woa….  I like it and as it goes, no I’m not getting paid to write this.  I don’t even know who the owners are.  Check out their website:


Bon appetit!