Celebrating Friendships: Another April Birthday

There are quite a few birthdays in April, those of colleagues, friends and very old friends.  One such birthday though was of another dear friend whom I’ve known since primary school. Fifth Grade to be exact.  Time flies by so fast, before you know it, its been over 20 years since we’ve known each other.  She lives in Canada now and so we don’t get to meet her as often as we’d like and in our little high school reunions her absence is indeed missed.  You know who you are! Beaver!

I remember it like it were yesterday.  Going to classes in our white and turquoisy navy bluish skirt.  I still don’t know what you call that shade of blue we had for our school uniform, it is such a unique colour.  Together we had our little ‘Anti-Kapi’ club that if you knew what it was, you’d probably shake your heads and wonder how we could have been so young.  It was fun though nevertheless and certain stories will forever remain to be told and told again, like the story behind a certain yearbook photo.

I remember you coming to send me off at the airport when I had to move to Belgium.  It was a sad evening for me to leave my friends and my buddies behind.  But there you were sending me off and encouraging me on.  Thank you 🙂

We kept in touch with letters.  That was back in the good old days when we still got real mail from friends in the post. Now most of what comes are bills and advertisements.

We each studied in different countries, Australia and the US.  Worlds apart but we never forgot one another on the otherside of the globe.  We reunited after graduation and spent many evenings out after work browsing through a shopping mall that has now changed names and renovated its facade until nothing of the old remains.

We fell in love with Lewre shoes when designs were still quite fashionable.  We bought some and even bought a similar pair in beige.  We have since moved onto different brands, but that was then our favorite working shoes.

Now worlds apart again we still  keep in touch though I wish we’d meet more often.  I know it’s great living and skiing in Canada but we do miss you here at our little luncheons. 🙂  Happy Birthday dear friend.  Stay sweet and loving as you always are and thank you for being who you are:)