Myth 7: Eating eggs will increase your cholesterol level.

Life goes on sitting and waiting for the flood. Lets talk about eggs today. A basic food staple that can give you energy during hard times are boiled eggs.  You can survive on rice and boiled eggs (as long as you do not get bored of it).  However, those with high cholesterol levels are often afraid of eating eggs for fear that it will push cholesterol levels up high. Some avoid it like it was some sort of disease.

According to Alannah Dibona, eggs are not unhealthy and not a food that needs to be avoided like the plague.  Cholesterol comes from certain saturated fat and trans fat.  Eggs have very little saturated fat (1.5 grams of fat for a large egg) and no trans fat.  That means Yeah! I can eat more eggs.

Eggs, in fact are quite healthy and have 13 naturally occuring vitamins and minerals.  Yes, you read it correctly, eggs are good for you.  You might ask, “Even the yolks that are supposed to have lots  of cholesterol?”  According to the article, Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic both agree that although the yolk has a lot of cholesterol, very little of it actually makes it to your bloodstream. Wonderful.

Now we can happily have a breakfast of eggs and toast.  I like scrambled eggs and omelet too, but if I put too much cheese and butter that might not be so good.  So have your eggs, just becareful of the oil and butter you use to fry it. Those aren’t so healthy.  Having poached eggs, and boiled eggs might be good alternatives.

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