Myth 6: High sodium foods taste salty, so avoid salty tasting foods.

Yes, inner Bangkok will be flooded soon. I say this because I believe I live in “inner” Bangkok. I am not far from the BTS skytrain and lifestyle shopping areas. Now, the “water” is a few kilometers away from my house. My local supermarket where I go for monthly supplies without having to use the main road is starting to flood. It’s taken so long to arrive. I’ve been waiting for over two weeks. I have to admit I am not as excited as I thought I’d be. (Maybe when I actually see the water, I will start to be excited.) Now, I just want it to flood and go away as soon as possible. Whatever will be, will be. Tonight, let’s therefore talk about Myth 6 that say that high sodium foods taste salty, and that one should avoid salty snacks.

According to Andy Belatti, a nutritionist, apparently new research indicate that low-sodium diets may not necessarily be better for your heart, but they do reduce high blood pressure and type II diabetes. The myth here, is that high sodium foods will taste salty.

Sadly, not all salty foods taste salty.

These “phantom” salt can be found in sweet foods such as a Dunkin’ Donut corn muffin (according to lifehacker’s article) which has as much sodium as 9 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets! Can you believe that? I always avoided muffins and donuts for sugar, now there is salt too!

To avoid being trapped in this myth, the best way is to therefore read the nutrition labels. Check the facts before you eat. If you find that bothersome, you could start trying to cook yourself! With home cooked meals, you can control how much salt, sugars and other ingredients go into your diet. Bon apetit!

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