Autumn in Paris: Day 2

Paris is beautiful anytime of year and I wonder if there is ever a day when the city is not filled with tourists.

Everywhere, every moment of the day you are almost bound to bump into a tourist, me included. I’ve been there so many times on and off yet I can never seem to have enough of this eternal city. It’s vibrant and filled with art to stir your senses and soul. There are also quiet corners and parks for you to grab a little bit of quiet time.

Our second day in Paris we continued our walk along the banks of the river Seine towards the Louvre. We walk to the Champs Élysées and pass the gardens. (I forget what it’s called) but a particularly beautiful maple in all its autumn colours stand out amidst the fallen leaves and the gloom of a sunless day. We stop for awhile and take in all the colours listening to the rustle of the leaves on the ground. Then as if emerging out of hiding, a pair of police horses appear from the trees. Large and majestic I wonder what Paris was like in the day of horses and carriages. It must have been quite the place to be.

We continue on to the Place de la Concorde (formerly Place de la Revolution) where now stands an obelisk from the Egyptian palace of Karnak. It reminds me of my trip to Egypt and a time when all the world was encaptured by it. On one side of the pavement there is a plaque that mentions how this is the square where Marie Antoinette was guillotined during the French Revolution.

Crossing to the Jardin des Tuileries, I smile. Parks are peaceful and refreshing places to be. Once part of the Tuileries Palace, it became public after the revolution. Its beautiful even though only fragments of summer remain. Chairs surround the large pond and fountain and a sculpture bows and swirls in the wind like couples dancing. It’s a beautiful park to walk through especially with sculptures of modern art to tease your senses before emerging in front if the pyramid and the Louvre.

Lines and lines of people wait to gain entrance so if you go, I recommend to go early and buy tickets in advance if you can… it’s definitely worth it if you love museums like I do.







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