Holiday Countdown

It’s been almost two months since I’ve last written.  So much has happened.  I’ve had encounters which have made me reflect upon the existence of spirits, seen James the Labrador grown exponentially, witnessed the beauty of nature,  saw Gaemi arrive and leave, pondered about the probability of flooding, and learnt a few more things about life and myself.  First and foremost,  in a few hours, Alex and I will be going on a trip to Europe.  The destination:  Lisbon, Paris and Madrid.

Thinking about it just makes me smile.    Writing about this is equally just as pleasurable. There’s something about the anticipation of travel and exploring new places that is like food for your soul and sends sparks of electricity through your brain.  It reignites a childish delight that otherwise would be in hibernation.   It makes one happy and the whole world seems to glow like an ethereal flame. If only one could devote more time to travel, what a wonderful life that would be.

This trip is not like other trips I’ve been to. This trip we aim to keep it simple and relaxing. Not too much on the itinerary, no heavy luggage, no heavy bags that need to be dragged around. No need for work clothes or multiple pairs of shoes.  It’s to enjoy the whole experience.

We’ve booked hotels online and in Lisbon, we have a nice little apartment in the historic Alfama district with a bakery down the street.  I can’t wait to explore the narrow winding streets and have the original egg tarts that were brought to asia and Thailand centuries ago.

Today is packing day. A debate continues in my head. Do I bring the Nikon SLR or the Canon S95?  It gives awesome pictures, yet it is heavy to drag around.  Should I bring just the Canon or do I bring both? Hmm… let’s wait and see.  I’ll keep posting during my travels as often as I can so keep posted!  To Lisbon!