Floods, Politics, and Corruption

Where there are people, there you find politics.  Yes, the needs and wants of people differ and how to govern them all is indeed a difficult task.  In good times, things are easy.  Everyone is happy and the people are too busy being happy or going out their own business.  In times of crisis, you really see the true inner side of human nature.   Will the crisis reveal the “innately selfish” side of human behaviour as mentioned by Hobbes or will it reveal a good, compassionate, loving and caring side of human behaviour? What do you think?

This crisis that Thailand is undergoing has revealed both.

On one side, you find people, friends and organizations arranging groups, flood relief missions and volunteering their time to help those in need.  Yes, you see people helping each other, helping elders, helping children, helping dogs and cats.  Every living thing deserves a chance to live and survive.  It’s wonderful.  You see people carrying dogs on their shoulders, soldiers and policemen wading through water chest high. You see these volunteers, these people all helping tirelessly, days on end, and still a smile appears on their faces.  They do it quietly, diligently, seeking no recognition. I applaud all these good people.  You are my heroes.

Then, you see the politicians. (Of course there are good ones too, but let me focus on the main
players.)   Each trying to “make a name” in the face of crisis.  When they fail, it’s the other side’s fault.
This crisis has instead turned into a battlefield between two parties.  Each throwing responsibility at one another.  There is the government’s Flood Relief Operations Command (FROC) which supposedly was set up to oversea the flooding situation.   Then there is Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.  Throughout the crisis, it has been a battle of who can throw responsibility to the otherside.  No one wants to accept responsibility for the flood.  It’s sickening to see this being played out when instead they should be working together hand in hand to get Thailand through this crisis.   We are in a crisis for heaven’s sake.

Both parties are to blame.  Both have their problems.

Then there are things like Corruption. Yes, it’s not a small thing. Yet it happens so much and so often in Thai society that it saddens me to see younger generations growing up in a society where the main value is money.  They think it’s normal.  Money is King.  If you want your kids to get into a good elementary school, pay for it. Make big gifts.  If you break a traffic regulation, well pay the police officer to forget the ticket.  If your company needs your truck to carry loads heavier than permitted, work out a special arrangement.  It’s said simply and easily with a straight face.  It’s a part of life, didn’t you know?

No, I don’t know.

Now corruption not only happens in forms of money. It happens in laws and regulations. Yes, laws can be changed and amended to suit one’s needs. When no one is looking, the cat will play.  Quietly it moves and pounces when the opportunity arises.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I love my country. I wish it well.  Let’s work together for a better Thailand. A stronger Thailand. A
Thailand that not only smiles but smiles honestly from the heart and soul.

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