Music by the street

I’m waiting for my ride to pick me up for lunch today and even though I am next to a polluted street, with car and bus exhaust fumes blowing in my face, noise pollution hitting my ear drums, amidst all this chaos and gloom I am relaxing to the sound of music played from a man playing the flute at the base of the train station.

His music cuts through all the sounds and creates an atmosphere that is so much more enjoyable than the sounds of roaring buses and motorcycles by the street. I take a little seat on the bench by the bus stop and for a few minutes enjoy the music.

I feel like its moments like these that somehow remain in your mind even years from now. If you are in a rush going somewhere, sometimes just take a look around and watch the life. Enjoy the moment and see the flowers. Even by the roadside, if you listen, if you allow your senses to open up, you might just have a little more music in your life. 🙂

Let the music flow 🙂


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