Please Don’t Jump!

Sunday is here once again and what a lovely Sunday it is. Waking up to the sounds of birds humming at my window and blue skies. I thought to myself, “If only it wasn’t so hot and humid, Bangkok would be just lovely.” I decide to spend a relaxing day indoors as much as possible. This weekend with the “Pay Day Effect” in full motion (as mentioned in my previous post) I dare not venture afar. Of course I did have to go out some time so I went out with my brother today.

Almost as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow, if I keep walking around with my brother long enough, I’m bound to get a comment from a shop assistant asking me about my “boyfriend.” It is always said matter of factly, as if it was a sure fact and that things couldn’t be otherwise. It usually comes in the form of a passing question like the one I got asked today: “What tea will your boyfriend have?”

To which I responded: “He’s my brother. Maybe its better you ask him.” (The lady almost always asks me to repeat it followed by a little laugh.)

So now I have this dilemma, which I always have after an encounter like this. Should I correct or not correct the shop assistant? Do I care?

First, you might ask if I really care what the shop assistant thinks? No I don’t really care. I might not every see her again in my life, and if I did, I wouldn’t remember.

Second, what good would correcting her do? Make her feel embarassed ? or should I just smile, consider it yet a funny comment, and let it go. Let her continue to believe whatever she wants and go along with the flow.

Upon pondering over this, I have finally decided that I will with a BIG SMILE correct the shop assistant, in hopes that my doing so will perhaps let them be a little more careful. Do not jump to conclusions from just what you see. First verify the facts. I know I am sometimes culprit to this behaviour especially when you want a good gossip, but lets facts be facts. So tonight I tell myself, I’ll try to be better person by not jumping to conclusions about things I see and hear without first verifying the facts. That cute guy with that cute girl, might just be friends or siblings. No point freaking your brain out if you happen to know one of them is going out with who and who, who is not present.

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