Eat, Not All

Sometimes I get all worked out about trying to do something well, that it no longer becomes fun. When something is no fun, you just don’t really want to do it anymore and then you end up not doing it. No good. Like running or exercising. I tell myself I want to be fit and healthy, but running can be hassle and the lazy bones inside of me keeps telling me to just forget about it and let the lazy chubby me reemerge.

So I fight the sounds and voices in my head and tell them: “No, I will remain healthy and I will continue to run for as long as I live.”

So far, so good. I’ve been running on a fairly flexible schedule with flexible eating regime. I watch what I eat, and watch the portions, though at times I do find myself pigging out on chocolate or the freshly baked donut. Today I had cheesy pizza and oily chicken. Oh, I also had a Krispy Kreme Donut. Yummmy.

During these pigging out events I feel “guilty” and the voices in my head keep telling me I should always try to be the disciplined runner, always eating healthy, and always watching what I eat. Of course it’s great if you can do that. It’s just not me.

But really, who can always be so disciplined? Don’t be so hard on yourself. What is all that running for if once in awhile you can’t enjoy a little treat? Of course don’t go full blown out and just totally swallow up the food. Check the portion size!

A noticebly different habit from my fatty days, I was careful of portion size. I only had half a slice of the pizza and a small piece of chicken. I had half the donut. Not bad.

I think as long as you are aware of what you are eating and in what amounts, I think it’s fine to just make life a little more fun and tell yourself that hey, its okay to indulge a little. 🙂 Just don’t OVER-indulge

Don’t take the FuN out of having a good health!! Make it FuN and make it sustainable!