The Cereal Misperception

Last year, I used to be so proud of my healthy cereal breakfast. Every morning, I would wake up to a big bowl of cereal and dried fruits which would keep me feeling full until noon. I loved the crunchy kind with lots of different fruits. I was happy. A bowl of cereal was full of fiber and healthy vitamins. What did I have to worry about?

I ate it everyday. It was my great healthy breakfast.

However, when I first starting running I wondered why my weight wouldn’t go down. I was eating healthy, exercising, something must be wrong. Alex told me to check the nutrition label again. Last time I checked, I didn’t really notice much.

This time, I got a BIG surprise. My very “healthy” breakfast was rich in calories. In fact, a serving of 100g was almost 500 calories! My thirty minutes of running like crazy burned at most 200 calories. 500 calories would take me over an hour! :S

Then I spotted the sugar content. My cereal was also high in sugar! Sugar that slowed down my metabolism.

Not exactly something you want if you are trying to reduce your weight to a healthy level.

I decided to change my cereal breakfast routine. My bowl of cereal was changed to zero-percent yogurt. Zero percent plain yogurt was only around 80 caloroes and if you add lemon and honey, it’s absolutely divine.

If I want something a bit heavier, I’d add a small spoon of cereal. Crunchy cereal in yogurt. Delicious. Yum.

Upon my switch, my weight starting dropping. No longer was I overdosing on my “healthy” cereal. I kept up my yogurt breakfast and a year later, I am still having it. Nowadays, I sometimes even have some fresh fruit with it. Bananas are easy, so it’s my preferred choice. However, any kind of fresh fruit works fine with it.

The lesson? If you are trying to reduce your weight to a healthy level, check the calorie and sugar content! A few surprises might be awaiting you!

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