The Dragon Within

This evening I watched the animation “How to train your dragon.” Not expecting much, I discovered that I really enjoyed it.

It’s about a viking village that has to fight and the kill dragons that steal their food in order to survive. However, a young boy named “Hiccup” stood out from all the dragon-killing vikings and opened the entire village’s perspective to a new way of life. What had been done since times past wasn’t necessarily always the right thing to do.

He managed to capture a dragon but wouldn’t kill it. Instead a relationship formed between him and the dragon that was totally unexpected. It formed because he saw past the daunting exterior of the dragon beast and saw instead what lay within. A dragon that was just as scared as him.

The beast of the dragon, too had a heart and a soul like him. Like every animal on earth, when in danger it too had to fight to survive. However, if one came peacefully, it too acted in good faith. It too had a story behind its actions.

Sometimes, we all too jump to conclusions too quickly. We see the “dragon” and instally we label it as “dangerous,” as something that must avoided at all costs because it “killed on sight.” We label things according to our former prejudices and with things we have been told or taught.

Knowledge that might in fact be “misunderstandings.” We don’t bother or take time to look beyond the outer cover and within the fearful “dragon.” We believe that what we know is correct. This animation teaches us though that “dragons” aren’t always what we believe them to be.

Look within to discover the true heart of the dragon and you might discover something new and wonderful. Something totally unexpected 🙂

Discover the real dragon within.

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