Everyday is Valentine’s Day

Tonight is my third and last post on Valentine’s for the year.  No more for 2011.  What else can I write about when the day we have been looking forward to (or dreading) has finally arrived?  I think overall it was a good day, or perhaps I am a little biased and always towards the positive side.  I somehow felt that today was filled with more “positive” energy than on other days.  On facebook since early morning, people were wishing each other “Happy Valentine’s Day,” sending out words of love.   On the streets and in my office, there were people receiving bouquets of flowers and looks of happiness filled the air.  People were smiling everywhere.

On my way home, I unintentionally spied two guys staring each other in the face while a girl stood by.  I think there was something going on there, but then it was going on for love.  There’ll probably be lessons being learnt tonight about love and relationships, but then that’s all part of life.  We go through experiences and we learn from them.

At this age, I’ve decided that going out for dinner on Valentine’s day isn’t really for me, even though I still love the notion of Valentine’s Day, but the Bangkok traffic and the crowds of people are just a bit too much for me.  I prefer to stay quietly at home and keep in touch with those I care through phone calls instead.  Time perhaps to make a short call to that good friend you haven’t spoken to in a long while.  Oh how wonderful life is really, this is all one really needs:  Knowing that one is loved and loved in return.  Make everyday Valentine’s Day and everyday you can be just as happy 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of year again when couples walk hand in hand and everywhere you go there are red roses and heart shaped goods for sale. Everything is in “chocolate.” Chocolate hearts, chocolate bears, chocolate drinks, and chocolate flowers. Tomorrow, flowers will be everywhere and looks of happiness from those who give and those who receive. Those without, might just choose to escape somewhere far away from all this heart wrenching mess. Yes, its a huge marketing fiasco out there every Valentine’s and sometimes it gets a bit too much, but I have to say that there is some merit to it.

For many who dare not mention words of “love” on other days, Valentine’s sounds like a good opportunity. It gives one an excuse to reach out to those who matter to us. It basically gives one a good opportunity to overcome our “fears” and just go do it. What da heck, everyone is doing it! Although it could be said to apply mostly to youngsters and teenagers, I think it’s something that can be and should be applied to all ages. Why can’t older people feel equally excited about V-day?

So if there is someone out there you like and love (doesn’t always have to be a boyfriend/girlfriend) or friends and family alike, inlaws, just go ahead and tell them how much you love them on Valentine’s. It’d be great if everyday could be Valentine’s Day but we humans are forgetful beings and these “little” gestures of love can be forgotten in the rush of everyday life. “Little” gestures that make a big difference 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! :):)