Here’s a positive thought…catch it!

A strange kind of peace seems to have transcended since the New Years. Maybe it is because I am just getting a little older and a little calmer. Or maybe it’s because I have been enjoying the time truly having some much needed “me” time reading books and being alone with my thoughts. I think being able to just stay home with uninterrupted time for a few hours on a weekend is indeed a time to cherish and value. It allows one time to really prioritize and define what is indeed important in life.

This year I thought about why we all like Christmas and New Years so much. I always enjoyed it but never really gave much thought to why we can’t spend the rest of our year thinking it’s Christmas or New Years. Wouldn’t life be so much more pleasant?

For me, I discovered that Christmas and New Years are a good time for one to re-tune and get back in touch with those most dear to us. It’s when we often go out to eat with our friends, reunite with those we haven’t met for a long time and truly enjoy the company of others. It’s a time of positive thinking and positive energy. It’s when we have the chance to just sit back and enjoy a good conversation without feeling rushed. It’s a time of catch up and make amends. It’s a time when we get to ‘slow’ down a little.

It’s also when we gladly buy gifts for others and enjoy seeing others’ happiness upon recieving gifts. It’s when the focus shifts away from only thinking out “me” and towards “you.” It makes the mind clearer and lighter. What’s more important is that this positive energy is contagious. Positive energy given out will result in more positive energy generally, I find.

Why can’t we all be such pleasant beings the rest of the year? Let us remember this positive feeling. I want to, so am sending everyone positive thoughts tonight!! 🙂

Catch it before it falls!

2012: A year you call your own

It’s 2012. It’s the year the world as we know it is supposed to end. There’s a whole movie dedicated to this year which I haven’t seen yet, but many tell me it is strikingly familiar with earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and any kind of natural disaster you can think about. Whatever happens, let’s not live in fear about what will or could happen. Let’s approach 2012 from another perspective. Let it be a year of new beginnings, new adventures and new life.

Let it be a year you can say was your year.

Life for me is a lot about what you make of it. New Years is a good time for us to reconsider what is important to us, what it is we want to accomplish this year and most importantly, what it is we learnt the past year.

 I know I’ve learnt a lot and there is still much I have to learn.

One of the most important things I’ve learnt though is that your life is in your hands. If there is something about you that you don’t like, you don’t have to dwell on it and forever be in a state of sorrow about it. You can take action and make things better. It doesn’t always have to be external factors like losing weight or getting fit, it can be internal things like the way you think.

For example, many of us (and I included) like to see the negative side of things. Sometimes we see events or view things from a negative side and as a result become unhappy, sad and emotional. If we let it eat into us, we will be living our life in sadness, bitterness and sorrow. What sort of life would that be? Perhaps one grey and sad like Ebenezer Scrooge’s world before he realized what life should be about.

So let’s think positive. Let us enjoy the year ahead of us. Even if the economy is bad, even if something happens we don’t want to happen, think of it this way: Bad things happen to us so that better things can happen to us.
So find the “positive” side to anything that happens to you this year and let 2012 be a blast of a year! It is what you make of it. Let not others run your year. It is yours to run. 🙂 No need for a list of resolutions. Just this one I think is enough to keep one busy all year round.

I know not if half way through we will all die or if I will just happenly succumb to a heart attack and die young. Who knows what will happen. I might just choke on a spoon of water. These things do happen. When it does, lets hope we can look back during that brief flash before we die and be proud of the life we have lived. Happy New Year 2012!

A Gift for Birthdays

Every year just before my birthday, I get into a frenzy and decide I have to make a resolution.  It’s a relatively new phenomenon for me thats been happening ever since I hit my thirties. I suppose it’s the sudden realization that I am no longer young.  Each passing year, means another year of my life has passed and there are fewer to look forward to.

We grow up hearing abuout New Year Resolutions, but I wonder why can’t we have Birthday Resolutions? It sounds so much more fun.   Each year just before our birthdays, we can all make resolutions.  Resolutions for ourselves. Resolutions that we want, whether it be taking better care of our health, or finishing that project we’ve been planning for years.

You start off these resolutions at your own pace, your own time.  The focus is on you. Afterall, it’s your birthday.   It’s “Me” Time resolutions to remind us that these are goals we set for ourselves and sincerely want to get done.  Remember though that “wanting” is not sufficient.  We have to also “JUST DO IT”!  Get it done and off your “To Do List” before there’s no time.

Make a Birthday Resolution. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.  Happy Birthday!

2011: New Year, New Life , New Goals

Suddenly, 2010 is over just like that. Before I have a chance to give it a proper goodbye, 2011 creeps up on me faster than I can say farewell to all the marvelous experiences and lessons I have learnt throughout the past year. Of course there were sad times, stressful times and not so pleasant times, but then I choose to remember the good times, the happy times and all the things that makes life pleasant.

This year will definitely be one fascinating year. In every aspect, the world is changing. Climate change is causing many countries to experience snowfall unlike ever before. Belgium is having their coldest winter.. when I lived there over 20 years ago, it hardly snowed. When it did, it’ll melt away so soon I never got to make a snowman. Economies are recovering from the financial crisis, politics is changing and of course, we are all growing a year older. Age creeps up quietly on us like a cat watching a mouse.

So this year, in my attempt to become a better person, I have made some new resolutions. I’m not perfect and must admit I have not accomplished all my goals for 2010, but I will not let it deter me from accomplishing them in 2011. As long as you keep trying, you have not failed. (Just don’t keep trying forever and never get anything done!) Every year is like a new life. Another chance at living life the way you want it. So go out there and make 2011 your year!

Here are some of my ongoing goals as I try to make the most of what life has to offer.

1. Have a balanced lifestyle.
2. Maintain my weight (So far so good!)
3. Complain less
4. Appreciate more
5. Speak slower and louder.
6. Plan more, procastinate less and JUST DO IT!
7. Practice golf to a level that I’ll be good enough to go out on course.
8. Do NOT accumulate things you don’t need.
9. No handbag shopping (work or weekend models. I have no storage space!)
10. Run the 10K Marathon

They might not sound glamorous, but they are goals I’d be proud to have accomplished. What about you? What are your personal goals? 🙂 How are you planning to make your life better in 2011? Please share.

Remember you only get one chance at life!!! Have a great year everyone! I’m ready, are you?