Have an Annual Health Checkup

In just a few days, it will be the end of August and it will have been eight months since January. If you haven’t accomplished your goals, perhaps now is a time to reevaluate them and reprioritize. If you have not yet gone for a health check up, then I recommend you do so. Health should be a priority.

Surprisingly, not a lot of people regularly have annual checkups and we go through life thinking that we are healthy, all is fine and that we are still young. Nothing is going to happen to us.

The sad truth is, we get older every year. Our bodies get older, and suddenly we find ourselves faced with health problems we previously never thought of. Backaches seem more common in the thirties. If I get up too fast, or move too fast, I risk hurting my back which results in endless days of torture and wearing low unattractive heels. I finally understand while the older ladies are always spotted wearing “comfortable” shoes versus the high high heels. I still love my heels, and so being somewhat shoe conscious, I shall have to dish out the extra cash to pay for comfortable ones, or just spend less on miscellaneous toys.

Blood test results are important too. Many people I know were completely unaware of having an abnormal functioning of the liver or kidneys. A lady I know has had to take work leave for her kidney had been working overtime and had succumbed to kidney failure. Taking medicine and antibiotics without first seeking doctor’s advice is not recommend. Apparently, she just went to the pharmacy.

If you get dizzy from time to time or feel abit under the weather, have a good rest and be aware that something might be up… So take some time out, have an annual health check up. Prevention is better than cure! :):)

My 24hours

While thinking about “Big Rock” the other day, I wondered what do I do in 24hours and how can I be more effective in achieving what I want to achieve?  I can’t make my 24hours become 48 hours in a day (although I would love to) so I just have to work with the same number of hours but with a prioritization.

A typical working day for me goes like this:

7 hours :  Sleep
1 hour  : Travel to and from fitness
1.5 hour: Exercise +shower+change
9 hours:   Work (assuming this is a VERY good day)
1 hour:    Travel home
1.5 hour:  Dinner + family time
0.5 hour shower
1 hour blog
1.5 hours spare time (in case of traffic, long showers, long dinners, )

Looking at this breakdown, I realize I have roughly an hour extra a day to do what I want to do. What should be my priority during this hour? If there is a long traffic jam, I lose this personal time.

It can be family, health or work.  Just one hour a day isn’t much, but if you realize that this is your valuable time then do what you want to do in that special hour 🙂

What are you going to do?

Finding “Big Rock”

We all know there are 24 hours in a day, yet we always want to do more in less time. While reading about effective time management the other day, I discussed the topic with Alex. A lot of people (I included) like to think that if I manage my time better, I can squeeze in more things. I can get more things done because I am more efficient. (This is awesome, I can actually do things that would usually take me two days in one day.) Actually if you really think hard about it. Being effective doesn’t necessarily mean squeezing in more accomplished tasks or finished works into the same amount of time. Effective time management is really about prioritizing. It means ensuring that you get what you need and should get done, actually accomplished in the allotted time.

An example is given in the book I read about a “Big Rock.” The big rock is placed in a glass and those who see it, declare that the glass is now FULL with this Big Rock. The lecturer then takes out a bag of sand and pours it into the glass. It fills the empty space. Nevertheless, he is still not done. Water is then  poured into the cup.  What  does this teach us? If we don’t first put in the “Big Rock” into the glass, we will never get it in.
What do you compare this big rock with in your life?
–  Family time and time for those who love you?
– honesty, education, or money and wealth?
– other things in life….etc..You name it. The “Big Rock” can be anything.  If you have unrealized dreams, then put it into the glass.  If health is your priorty, make time for it.  If your family is most important to you, then take care of them.  If your career, or business is what you live for, then that is what you put first in life.Whatever your “Big Rock” is in life, remember to first put it in the glass.  If not, your time will be filled with sand and water (which represent unimportant tasks and unexpected things that come to take your time away).Live your life, find your “Big Rock.” Once you find it, put it in the glass 🙂