Lunch with Chef Cayito

Living in Bangkok, I am fortunate to have so many options for good food.  From street food to the fanciest restaurants, you can find almost anything to your taste and budget.  A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to be invited to savor delicious food by Chef Cayito and days past the taste still lingers on in my memory.  Having good food served beautifully whilst chatting with good friends is an experience all in itself. Experiences to be enjoyed, cherished and memories formed.

What did we have?

We had so many dishes, I had to look at the photos to remember what we ate.  The menu offered us a variety of tastes leading us from one dish to the other.  The first dish was a mix of yogurt and granola with some fruit sauces. ( I didn’t ask what sauces they were, I was too busy eating). It was just lovely and light enough to get your taste buds ready.  French onion soup was next with just the right amount of crunch and flavors. There’s something about warm soup that just seems to soothe and relax the soul. Trained in French cooking in Spain and coming from Mexico, our dishes were a mix of French and Spanish influences.  Grilled octopus and mussels in marinara sauce reminded me of our trip to Spain many years ago.  The sauce was so good I requested extra bread to dip into the sauce.

Main dishes arrived with a light tomato salad to accompany the grilled lamb with raspberry sauce and duck confit.  The grilled lamb was tender and melted in your mouth whilst the duck confit was divine with crispy skin and meat melting off its bones.  Duck confit has always been one of my favorite dishes when dining at French restaurants and Chef Cayito’s version was so good I would have more if I weren’t afraid of rolling out the door.  In case we wanted some more accompaniment, gratin dauphinois followed. A lover of cheese and anything creamy and hot, no matter how full I was, I had room for gratin dauphinois.  Our dessert was a wonderful surprise of light pancakes with strawberries and blueberries to end the meal. Perfect.

There’s something about having European food that always makes my heart smile a little more. It’s perhaps because it reminds me of growing up in Europe and the many trips we’d have enjoying the good food. If you want to sample Chef Cayito’s cooking, you’lll have to find him at charity events.

Sweet dreams readers. I now have to get myself a snack.


The “To Do” List

I have lots of “To Do” lists. I think everyone does.  And sometimes it gets a hold of me. I want to finish everything on that “To Do” list and when I do, I feel great. I feel like I’ve accomplished something but then all I did was cross off things on my list only to add more things to it.  It becomes a vicious cycle that never ends.  I delete then I add.   I run around like a crazy girl on weekends driving here and there, doing this and that,.  When traffic is bad.   I use the time to call up people and check on stuff I otherwise don’t have time to.   I plan my route so it is most efficient, but some days I can be out of the house by 8am and not be back till almost 9pm.   I feel like a winded clock.  I can’t wait to get home.  When I do, I rush up to my room and collapse on my bed like it was my saviour.  I fall asleep thinking about what I have to do tomorrow and next week.  My brain is on a perpetual “go.”  Some nights I dream of things I have to do.

That though isn’t really life.  Accomplishng tasks shouldn’t be what life is all about.

Life isn’t really about how many things you get done in one day.  Life isn’t about how many things you’ve crossed off the “To do” list or how many things you have left to do.  Life is more than that.  Life as Alex says so clearly is also about learning to just enjoy and appreciate the moment.  We need to go easy on ourselves sometimes.  Sometimes life could be just sitting quietly with one’s thoughts or watching that beautiful sunset.   Life could be waking up early to watch the sunrise or sitting at the coffee shop people watching with a good book in hand.  All this calm amidst the chaos is also life.  It balances us out.

If you spend your life running around accomplishing tasks, but never once just sit quietly, rest and remind yourself about how lucky you are to have this life, then you would be forever stuck in this rat race.  Stuck like a hamster running on the wheel that has no end until it collapses and falls off from exhaustion.  It ends up needing medical help to help it revive.  Therefore, other than all the “To Do” lists we have in this hectic world, don’t also forget another part of life that also balances us out.  Sitting quietly or reading a good book is part of being alive.  Listening to music or watching that beautiful sunset can be so good for the soul you wouldn’t know what hit you. 

Get off the wheel every now and then and give yourself a rest.  Give yourself time to enjoy the other side of life before it passes you by.  You deserve it.  Give yourself some “Me” time to rediscover yourself before it gets lost in the “To Do” list.