Flood we will, Rebuild we must

For once I do not want to hear the sound of raindrops on my window pane.  Rather than relax and remind me of childhood days, it now makes me restless, fearing the flood situation will worsen.  The flood situation in Thailand is not getting any better and in fact seems to be worsening day by day.  Over three hundred lives have been lost, industrial parks inundated, and hundreds of thousands of people misplaced.  Homes are rendered inhabitable and roads unusable.  The outskirts of Bangkok are flooding and each morning, Bangkokians awaken to hear more news of ever closer floods.

Nature is strong and powerful.  It will be hard to withstand her.  I personally believe Bangkok will
inundated.  It’s just a matter of time.  We have a massive body of water towards the north of Bangkok heading out to sea and only a miracle can part the water into two to save Bangkok.  We need Moses to do that. Sandbags and man made barriers are not going to do the trick.

Worst of all is that the sentiment in Bangkok is now one of panic and anxiety.  There are no formal guidelines on how one should prepare for the flood, and Bangkokians are now reverting to their own ingenuity and creativity to save themselves.  We learn how to build walls of sandbags and how to save our cars from facebook posts and other articles.  Yes, it’s an online information sharing network.  We learn about our friends’ flooded factories and houses and how their lives have been affected.  Twitter fills our hunger for updates of news and information.

It’s one of constant concern and worry.  Now when Bangkokians greet each other, the first phrase is always to ask if their house is flooded or not.  It’s not “How are you?” or “Have you eaten?” Everyone sits on edge wondering what will happen with their houses and their livelihoods.  Few have the heart to do anything else other than follow news and listen to more news.  Some houses on the edge of the water barriers have night shifts to make sure water does not creep in in the dead of the night.

To live each day in anticipation of the upcoming flood is somewhat like having cancer.  You know you are going to get ill and die, you just don’t know when.   It’s a silent killer.

Each morning, I grab my iPhone and check the FB and Twitter updates to see what needs to be done.  This is not the life one should have to live, but then I remind myself that I am lucky now to be living dry and sleeping well. For the moment.  Millions now are sleeping in shelters without food nor water.

It’s a stressful situation now in Bangkok, but what really brightens up my day is seeing everyone helping each other.  Volunteers donate food, clothing, medicine and other essentials.  Others cook and take care of those in shelters.  Hospitals training people to help with medicine. It’s a wonderful thing to
see.   Pain has united us.

When all is over, I just pray that we continue to help each other rebuild and put in place a proper water management plan.  It is essential that one be put in place and implemented.  Without a proper water management system, Thailand’s investors will lose faith and so will its people.  Let’s not go that way. A flood this devastating to factories and industries must not happen again.

Let us move forward and let Thailand grow.  It belongs to all of us.  Let us forget ourselves, our own selfish needs and help our country. Peace.

Little by Little

It’s been a few days since this writer last wrote and already I can feel the fingers and mind get a little rusty.  The words don’t flow quite as easily and the fingers have a little hesitation.  Or perhaps it’s my headaches that are slowing things down.  Whatever it is, there’s no excuse.  If you want to practice something or face a daunting task, I suggest do start doing it little by little.

For example, if you want to practice writing.  Keeping a blog is wonderful.  It lets you write a little each day.  Little by little each day you get to practice writing.  If you don’t want to publish, keep a little journal. Practice your handwriting.  My handwriting is awful now.  I type faster than I write.

If you want to lose weight and you have a two digit goal like 10kgs, the task can seem very daunting.

Where do you start? Where to begin? Some people give up just thinking about it and revert back to eating.  It seems too difficult. I fear I will not survive. I fear I would not succeed.  I fear I will not lose weight.  I fear it will yet be another failed attempt at dieting.  Our fears are endless.  There is a never-ending list of fears we have.  So forget about the fears and just do it.

So my suggestion tonight is if you have a big project ahead of you.  No matter how large, how daunting, what you can do is break it down into little pieces.  Make the goals achievable.  If you want to start writing, write just a few sentences.  Who said you had to write entire essays everytime? Essays that have to be perfect?

If you want to lose weight, aim first to lose 2kgs or 5kgs.  These are achievable goals.  Once you reach them, move them out.  Lose another two or another five.  By the time you finish, you’d have accumulated more weightloss than you first realize.  2kgs + 5kg+3kgs and voila, its already 10kgs!

Remember this: overcome your fears and break tasks  into small achievable goals.  If you can do this, then you can do anything you want in life. (Of course you can’t turn into a toad, unless you had a magic potion.  And  yes, I have to keep reminding myself of this also. It’s not easy, but its achievable)