Middle Earth it is.

It’s a little over two weeks since I’m back in Bangkok and still the high and benefits from our vacation in Kiwiland is still visible.  I’m calmer and a lot more energetic.  Ready to meet any work that comes along.  So how was New Zealand ? Is it really like Middle Earth?  Yes I have to say it is indeed Middle Earth.  You have sceneries of rolling hills everywhere and I can’t imagine having said “wow” so much in life at whenever I looked at the view.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful.  It literally takes your breath away.  You feel like you are somewhere out of this world.

There was so much to do and see everyday I passed out the end of each day.  Now I’m back, I’ll be reviewing and blogging on some of my favourite foods and sites during our trip.  Will also upload some photo proof? Keep posted!