Wellington Cable Car and Botanic Gardens

Wellington is everything we expected it to be, cold, rainy, windy, full of nature and charming. It’s the first month of winter here. Alex and I love this weather. For me it reminds me of cloudy Belgium and quiet peace. There’s no noise pollution here. You live with nature. Most importantly, you can hear your own thoughts. 
Today after visiting Te Papa museum, which is a must if you visit Wellington, we took the cable car from Lambton Quay up to the Botanic gardens and to see the magnificent view of the harbour. It’s breathtaking and when the sun shines, the harbour glitters. 


I could stay up there all afternoon and watch the clouds roll or simply look out towards the range of mountains where layers upon layers of mountains reflect the light turning various shades of grey, but time is not on our side. 

We walk down through the gardens admiring the trees, enormous ferns and trees that apparently existed during the times of the dinosaurs.   They are so tall and point up towards the sky as if reaching for heaven. It’s heavenly. The air smells so fresh of wet grass and wood. I feel at home.

If you have children there’s a lovely children’s playground which looks like a lot of fun.  There are places for you to swing from like Tarzan, see saws and swings.  I was even tempted to join the kids playing, but this girl’s grandparents beat me to it. Grandma and grandpa were swinging around.  Quality fun time.  

It’s such a contrast from Lambton quay below which is the Central Business District full of shops and skyscrapers. There you feel more ‘cosmopolitan.’ Up the hill, trees are the skyscrapers. I love them. 

The cable car entrance is just a little off Lambton Quay road next to McDonald’s and Lululemon.  I missed it the first time around as I was too engrossed by Lululemon but actually there’s a cable car sign. 

Tickets are 4 NZD one way and 7.50 NZD two- way. I prefer walking through the Botanic gardens if you have time. 

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