Je suis Charlie

It’s 2015 already. Time flies indeed, and especially so when you are older. Before there were predictions that the world would end in 2012, but it came and it went. We are still here, but perhaps what did end is the world as we know it. Mentalities, attitudes and expectations have changed and evolved.

It’s only been a week and a half since New Years, but already the world is at odds with one another. Shootings in Paris, hostages and explosions. It’s like you’re watching an action movie when you watch the news. The only problem is that it’s real life and real people are being killed.

Je suis Charlie. If I were in Paris, I’d be out on the streets.

No matter what, no matter how angry, no matter how wronged, no matter what your motivation, there is no good reason to justify killing another human being. Even more so if that person is an innocent bystander.

Perhaps there are things I do not know and reasons beyond my understanding, but this is my take on it.

Perhaps it’s the effect of modern day life. The focus easily sways towards “me” and to my self interest. Everyone wants to be heard, to get attention, to be noticed. Perhaps to make up for a lack of self love. Everyone wants “instant gratification” as a friend of mine mentioned. Everything at the touch of a fingerprint. We spend more time in school, but less time talking and learning about life. Even less time experiencing life. We experience it online. We spend more time on social media, but less time reading or thinking. We barely have time to be alone with our thoughts. Evenings spent discussing thoughts and ideas are left to a few.

Discussions or differences of opinion are not tolerated. If you think otherwise, you are wrong. You aren’t as good as I am. I know, so think like me.

It’s a sad world indeed.

I have a wish this year and it’s a simple one. I wish that people would stop, take a breather and spend more time thinking about others. Have some compassion. Empathise. Put yourself in the other persons’ shoes. Me included. More meditation this year.

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