December Giving

It’s December in Bangkok and although we don’t have snow and roughly ninety-five percent of the population is Buddhist, Christmas trees and holiday lights still fill centre city. I love this time of year when people think about gifts and giving. Where the focus shifts from ourselves towards others and we all breathe a little slower. We smile, we reunite with our friends and remember the good times. We wake up happy to the cool breeze of ‘winter’ and take pleasure in the little things in life. We clear up our houses and donate to those who might want it. We notice the people on the street we usually might just pass by. Overall, we become generally nicer people.

I wonder, why we can’t be like this all year round?

It’s hard that’s why.

Modern day living with all its rushes, expectations and deadlines has us focusing on what needs to get done, when it’s due and fixing problems. Our attention focuses on “getting things done” and making sure it’s done well.

I admit am guilty of this.

We forget about the ‘people’ behind all the action, the ‘heart’ behind it all, and we lose a little bit of ourselves in the process.

What are your New Year resolutions this year? I know what one of mine will be to have this joyful spirit of December giving all year round.

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