Learning to leave technology (now and then)

Browsing on social media with the convenience of an iPad with unlimited internet is addictive. I have to keep reminding myself to get up and be a little active. Now we even have programs to remind us. Earlier this year when I had a bacterial infection of the eye, I couldn’t use much of modern day technology for reading. iPhones, iPads or the computer were used mainly for music or listening to radios. I had to make sure I rested my eyes to allow them to heal. The experience allowed me to understand how much for granted we often take our eyes. It also liberated me from the devices.

At the end of the day, before I’d go to bed, I’d often find myself zoning out in front of the screen traveling the world from my couch. I guess it was not only me that had become zombie-like that and so the new Health app (along with so many other apps) in the new ios will supposedly help and inspire us to be a little more active. The Apple Watch is extremely tempting for an apple fan like me.

Yet at the end of the day, what does it take to become a little more active? For me, I think it’s about just putting the phone or the ipad down for awhile and allowing yourself to just not worry about what is happening in the social media world or if anyone is trying to message you. Really, if it is really that urgent, you’d get a call.

I find that the more often I’m leaving my gadgets alone, the easier and easier it is becoming, and the more and more time I am finding time to enjoy my hobbies. Hobbies that really rejuvenate the soul like reading books, cooking, painting, playing with the dogs or just walking in the garden.  It really refreshes the brain.

Try it. Pick up a ‘real’ book or rekindle your hobby, whatever it may be.  Hey, apparently even Steve Jobs  and other technology experts limited the amount of time their children used technology.  Apparently they read lots of ‘real’ books and discussed them.

So this weekend, let’s resist the temptation of social media for awhile and lets look up into the sky and enjoy nature.  Me included.

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