Saxophone Monday

It’s Monday and on Mondays, for some reason, it always seem to be that little bit more difficult to get out of bed and on the way to work.   The other day I was fortunate enough to have had the chance to listen to an inspirational story of how dreams and perseverance can lead to success. Yes, stories like these are good for the soul. My office had invited the owner and founder of “Vibrato” to give a talk about how the world’s first polycarbonate saxophone came into being.

Not a saxophone expert nor in the music industry, I have to admit I didn’t even realize such a thing existed. Last time I was in the school band (don’t ask me how long ago that was) we were still playing with brass and silver-plated saxophones. No such thing as polycarbonate saxophones existed.

Now that it exists, you might wonder, why wasn’t one invented earlier? Listening to the inventor, I have to say producing one required more than just capital and an idea.  It required a passion for saxophones, a desire to provide people with an affordable instrument, and a perseverance to see it accomplished. Not trained in mold injections nor design, he was armed with a passion for saxophones and a willingness, a push to see his idea take form.

Of course, it required faith and I think most importantly, positive thinking.

With over 300 parts in a saxophone, it took over four years of design before the saxophone ready for a trial. However, the molds required to make the saxophone were so expensive that he had to mortgage his house. A big risk to take, considering that when he did so, he didn’t even know if his idea of a polycarbonate saxophone would produce any sound.

It didn’t. Not the first time he blew into it. I imagine that his heart must have dropped to the ground in a loud thump.

He kept working at it though. Unfazed by the ‘tiny’ obstacle that the saxophone didn’t make a single sound. It took another two years before it would be ready.

Then when it came time to show it to the world, his story reminded me of what it must be like to be the first man on the moon. You are going somewhere, where you don’t know what will happen, what it will feel like nor what the outcome will be. Yet you take the risk.  You take the step.

And now, thanks to that risk, polycarbonate saxophones are sold worldwide to saxophonists. It’s affordable for the masses, it’s light, waterproof, and it comes in beautiful colours with accessories. (Don’t you just love that?) Colourful interchangeable buttons.

Oh, and it’s Made in Thailand.

I wish I knew how to play the saxophone, but with a price of roughly 300 dollars, I have to say it’s tempting for me to go try it out.   Afterall, music is good for the soul right?

I hope this inspired you!  It inspired me 🙂  Follow your dreams and just work at it!

Vibratosax founder and I

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