One Step at a time

Birthdays always make you feel a little bit older even though it’s something that happens every minute and every second. You get older with every increment of time.  Looking back on my almost four decades of existence, I realize now that many times I haven’t always been the most pleasant person or the nicest person.   I did things, said things or acted in ways I now regret, but can no longer take back.   Every experience a lesson learnt, every experience a mark on this journey called “life.” Luckily for us, life gives us opportunities to improve ourselves and hopefully become a better version of ourself.

A lot of times, one does things one later regrets as a result of not being “mindful” of what one is doing or of the possible consequences of one’s actions. Stress comes in all sorts of forms, from work, from emotions or maybe even from health issues. Oftentimes this causes us to lash out at innocent loved ones, friends, or the unfortunate person who happened to be standing in front of you. You see this all the time.

If you’re Buddhist, a way to limit this would be to be “mindful” of oneself and one’s thoughts. To be aware of each and every action, every passing thought and every breath you take. Easier said than done, yet like all things in life it takes practice and practice makes perfect. It will probably take me a lifetime, and even then I don’t know if I will have gotten rid of all the “demons” by the time I die. If I happen to die tomorrow, then I’d probably have to get rid of them in my next life (I suppose I do believe in reincarnation.)

Anyways, lets take it one step at a time. Get rid of those negative thoughts, negative energy and smile.  Be a better version of yourself.

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