Dangerous Emotions

I’m sad today for a number of reasons.  Tension has escalated with a bomb thrown into groups of protestors. Things are turning more violent.  I have no idea who is behind the bomb or who is behind the protests.  It’s your word against mine.  I am also sad for other private reasons I’d rather not discuss in public.   All these happenings undoubtedly result in emotions and emotions can be dangerous. 

When I get stressed, all worked up about what’s happening, sad that bad things happen to good people, I sometimes unknowingly let out my emotions in the wrong way.  I succumb to human nature and believe that what I think, what I do is proper and right.  Others are wrong, other’s thinking must be flawed, why do they not see it, why do they not do as I do?

I do this and that.  What do you do?  Why don’t you do as I do?

I get lost in my thoughts and end up erring in thinking that I am better than the other person.  I am “good” whereas the other person is “bad.” I don’t want to be like you.

It’s a dangerous thought and dangerous emotionally.

I become someone I don’t like.  I feel blessed to have Alex remind me hey, stop it.  Stop and listen to yourself.  Listen to the other person. Listen to what they have to say.

The fact is, you don’t always know what is going on in someone else’s life.  You don’t know every aspect of their lives.  You don’t know what is happening.  Everyone has different battles they are battling.   What you see is only the exterior.  What they let you see.  Don’t judge others.

So today, this post is to remind myself in my goal to be a better person, that no one is better than someone else.  We all have our own battles.

Good night!

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