The good side of the Bangkok Shutdown

Politics is a serious topic and the situation in Bangkok isn’t getting any better soon.  I  wonder everyday how it will all end, will there be bloodshed? Will this end in civil law? Will the protestors get tired and disperse? (I doubt it) Will the government step down? (I don’t think they will either)  When this ends, will Thailand enter a new era of prosperity? or… is it all downhill for now?

I don’t know.  I don’t think anyone else knows either. If you know, please let me know. I pray it becomes an era of prosperity.

Anyways, reading the news today I came across an article about how the pollution level at main intersection levels in Bangkok where the protestors are camped out have more than halved in the past few days and so it has gotten me thinking of all the unintentional benefits of this Bangkok Shutdown.

1. It has raised political awareness amongst the Thai population and taught them that politics isn’t something not related to them, but that it can seriously impact their lives.  One must participate.

2. The Anti-Corruption campaign must be at an all time peak. Millions of people now understand and know how harmful corruption can be for the country.  Let’s just hope they continue to act on it and will not succumb to corruption, no matter how small the temptation.

3. It’s been a Car Free Week in downtown Bangkok causing the pollution level to decrease by more than half thus helping the environment.  Millions of cars are now off the streets.  Oil consumption therefore must be correspondingly lower. I wonder if the number of car accidents have decreased too.

4. Public transport is now used more widely with buses, sky train and mrt fully packed till late at night.  No need for status symbol cars anymore. Everyone uses public transport.

5. Office workers and protestors are now getting their daily dose of exercise walking kilometres to protest sites and realise it’s really not that bad to walk a bit.

6. Bangkokians get to explore Bangkok on foot. I even spotted some tourists joining in.

7. Work life balance amongst office workers promoted as many have to leave earlier to find their way home.

And most importantly, I think the best benefit of all these protests is that more people realise that the power lies within their hands and that what happens to the country depends upon each and everyone’s decision and participation.

No matter which side you support, the future of the country depends upon you. You are your own future!

One thought on “The good side of the Bangkok Shutdown

  1. Good to get a view of the benefits rather than all the “doom and gloom” from some news sources and bloggers on social media.

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