A Sneeze and a Woof?

When I got my first dog over twenty years ago, my brother said it was “good for the heart” and I have to say I totally agree with him.  There is something about these loyal companions that just melt your heart and make you all soft inside.  It’s something about their innocent looking faces and eyes that look as if they could do no wrong.  The way they greet you with wagging tails when you come home as if they were greeting a long lost friend.  Yesterday, ill with a cold I came home to rest and have a good sleep. Here’s a funny story.

Near to me were the two dogs sleeping.  All was calm and quiet as we all dozed and relaxed.  I was on the sofa and the two dogs on the floor.

Then all of a sudden, it came.  My big sneeze.  Uncontrollable, it came out from the back of my nose as if a powerful storm had built up there.  I couldn’t resist and it came out in full storm.

“Aaa chooo!”  The upper part of my body raised up with the sneeze.

At the same time, I heard bells dingling.  Both dogs cocked up their heads from their deep sleep and looked at me bewildered.  They had heard a strange sound and looked at me with worried eyes.

Okay, they were just looking, but having a soft spot for the dogs it just made me laugh and smile.  I told them to get back to sleep and we all spent the rest of the afternoon happily dozing away.

Dogs are indeed good for the heart. 🙂