Amsterdam: Tickets, Discounts and Wifi

I am in Amsterdam and have a day today before the meeting starts and so we are headed to see the Floriade 2012 which is a world Horticulture Show organized once every ten years. Later today I will tell you about it first some tips on the tickets you can use to get around Amsterdam during your trip.

After my walking tour of the city ( which I shall post about later from my netbook) I realize that I need some transport to save energy. In Amsterdam, the tram is the best option.

Single tickets are 2.5 euros which is expensive coming from Thailand. If you are there for a day you can have the day ticket for 7.5 euro, 24 hours for 12 euro, 72 hours for 16 euros, 96 hours for 20.50 euros. You can get these tickets from the info and ticket office opposite Central station or at Leidseplein. 168 hours (7day) tickets for 31 euros can only be bought at Central station. Single and day passes can be bought on board the trams.

Most important though is to remember to check in and out when using the card which you do by just holding it to the scanner on the trams.

Tickets for excursions to Zaabschan (windmills 36 euros) and to the tulip gardens of Keukenhof can be bought at the info offices which save you valuable time. Unfortunately we couldn’t use the excursion to Floriade since we wouldn’t get back on time for a meeting but you can buy the entrance tickets and ask them to print out the train schedule for you. 🙂 Pricewise going on your own and via excursion is about the same but you have to connect trains and bus which is a little hassle.

Wifi? Wifi at the hotel is expensive so I rely on the free ones at local cafes and Starbucks :). The airport shuttle which takes you straight to your hotel for 16 euros also has free wifi as well as this local train I am now. Wonderful, I am addicted to the Internet.

if you take the airport shuttle both ways the ticket is 26 euros but you have to buy the ticket from the counter.

Thats all for now 🙂


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