Reaching for the Sky

It’s one of those things that just makes you smile and want to jump up and down with joy.  It’s something that I suppose any teacher feels when they see the success of their students and how happy others are.  I’m smiling, wanting to jump up and down because two students of mine have passed the exams to get into the Civil Aviation Training Center.

Students whom only last year did not want to speak nor have anything to do with the English language.  Now they have passed exams conducted entirely in English.

Exams that last year they had lost of hope of passing and was about to give up their dreams for an easier alternative.  Now, she has gotten into the institution of her dreams and is on her path to working with airplanes.  Her passion.

It’s not easy to get in especially for Thai students because the entire examination process is in English.  The written exam is in English and it not only tests your language skills, but it also tests your understanding of maths, physics and logic.  This requires knowledge of specific vocabularly.  Once you pass this, the next step is an interview also conducted in English.

I’m a proud teacher.  I love seeing the evolution of my students and how they have developed their language skills to such a level that they are confident enough to speak in English. It’s rewarding. Very.

Congratulations my dear students.  Keep up the good work!!  Reach for the Sky and accomplish your dreams!

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