Myth 9: Aluminum Foil is linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Okay, I still have two myths remaining about food.  This ninth myth is one that apparently some people still believe in even though it has been proven to not be true.   It started, according to the article, in the 1960’s and1970’s when research showed elevated levels of aluminum in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.  This scared many from using aluminum pots, pans and foil to store food.

If you are thinking to yourself, like I am now, ” Oh no, I use those products all the time to store my food!,” I have good news for you.  Subsequent research has failed to find a substantive link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s Disease.   Experts say that aluminum absorbed by the body is processed by the kidneys and urinated out.  So fear not! Aluminum will not sicken you.

No one yet knows the real cause of Alzheimer’s disease so I think it’s best not to get worried by ‘myths’ or other mistaken beliefs.  I think if you spend your life worrying about what will cause you to get ill, your life will past you by.  So listen to each myth with an open mind and do not let it scare you into throwing everything aluminum away!  Be happy now you can still use that foil to wrap your food 🙂

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