Be Prepared: 7 Flood Tips

It’s official, Bangkok will flood.  Bangkok Post this morning tells us to “Brace” ourselves for it.   This evening some of my relatives have evacuated and others are looking after their houses.  Colleagues rush home to safeguard their homes against water while others wait in anticipation of the coming flood.  We get real time updatest through facebook and twitter.  I feel like I’m in a war where I know not about the enemy.  I feel blind.  The enemy is large and furious, yet we are like mice running around looking for a way to survive.

Experts say that the flood will last over a month.

Everyone is worried we will run out of clean water and food.  The supermarket by my house has run out of local water, eggs and bread.  It’s been like this for over a week now.  The only water on the shelves are imported Evians and Perrier that cost more than double our average drinking water. Even then, they are finally being snatched up.

It’s a gloomy picture.  This weekend water will come in and we will be here waiting.  I hope the water does not rise higher than one meter but I could be over optimistic.  Other areas have flooded as high as two meters.  It’s unthinkable.  How could we have let this happen?

Whatever happens, it’s better to be prepared and so tonight I give you a checklist of some things you can prepare for in advance. I’m not going to into detail about how to make sandbag walls and close up pipes, but rather simple things one can all prepare.  A lot of this comes from Alex who literally thinks about everything. Thank you.

1.  Pack a small emergency bag with precious documents, jewelries and things that are essential for
everyday life.  Those who take daily medicines, please pack and have your medicines ready. Include clothes and essentials enough for a few days.

You need this, because often during floods fires break out or the gush of water is so strong you need to evacuate.  Do not think that you can just stay upstairs and all will be fine.

2. Know where the electricity cut-outs are.  Make sure everyone knows so we can all help each other.

3. Have your phone batteries charged and ready.  Charge up old spare ones too.

4. Have a plan about what your family needs to do and meet up in case things happen faster than expected and you are stuck outside. Where will you meet up?  Think about a scenario where phone lines no longer work.
5. Look at those around you. Does everyone know how to swim? What happens if water rises up very high. Do you have lifevests to help those who do not know how to swim?

6. If flooded, you might run out of clean water.  If you have bathtubs, fill those up with clean water.  They can at least be a small reservoir for you.

7. Most importantly, DO NOT PANIC. Yes, do not lose your head during the flood no matter what happens. A panicky person will do no good.  Think sensibly about what needs to be done and how your family and you can be safe.   Do not forget those around you.  They too are important and deserve to be taken care of.

Stay dry my dear friends this weekend.  Take care.