Baked Beans Flood Food

Tonight many Bangkokians are afraid of the flood.  Every night it has been raining. Panic is somewhat in the air and in the supermarkets many shelves of water and instand noodles are empty.  (I think it’s also because the warehouses are flooded and food cannot be brought in to restock.)  Outside my main road, the banks and other businesses have walls of sand.  Some smaller mom and pop stores have had cement barriers created.  This is the sentiment now in Bangkok.

I, myself, am skeptical that it will flood to such an extent that I will be camped out, but still I could not help myself stocking buying a little water and canned food just in case.  ( Hey, it’s better safe than never!) My choice of canned food?  Baked Beans.

Yes, after looking at the shelves, I decided that it would be perhaps the most practical and simplest food to have in times of safety. It’s also what I eat regularly so I don’t have to worry about it expiring before I get a chance to eat it (if indeed the floods never come.)

I contemplated instant noodles, but the shelves were empty and plus I wonder how they will be cooked.  You need clean water and electricity, or a little coal/gas stove.  You could eat it dry, but then it’s not very filling.

Canned tuna was another choice.  Then I imagined myself eating tuna for days and days. The smell of tuna hit me and I said to myself, “ will get too fishy.”  Don’t get me wrong, tuna is an amazingly
healthy food with omega-3 and hardly any fat.  It’s healthy.

The other cans were green peas and corn.  I do not think I can survive on those for too long.  Of course, if there were nothing to eat, I’d have to eat them.

Since I had the luxury of standing in a supermarket and choosing.  I decided on “Baked Beans.”  It’s not a very asian can food at all, but it’s healthy, filling and gives you lots of energy.  One spoon can fill you up for half a day.  Plus, it requires no cooking. It has sauce and texture.   If you bought canned sausages, they go together very well.

After all this talk of canned food, I have to say that I pray I never have to eat it because of the flood.  I pray that no one will have to really use their supplies and that we won’t all be flooded up to our necks.  I pray there will be no more victims.

And if it did flood?  We will cope with it, clean up, move on and rebuild.  Perhaps it will allow us to plan a bit better for future disasters, put in place better prevention mechanisms, build more in tune with nature, prevent deforestation,  have better business continuity plans,  or maybe just maybe, one day we will really be living on the moon where there isn’t any flood. 🙂

We survived the tsunami.  We can survive this flood.  Take care my dear friends!!   What are you stocking up on?  What is your choice of emergency food?