September 7: A Special Day

September 7 is a special day for me.  It’s special because on this day, one of  my best friends was born.  You know who you are.  I’ve known you for almost fifteen years already and no matter how near or far, we are always the same.  Even though sometimes years have passed before we see another, when we meet it is exactly the same. We know each other inside out.  We know the good and the bad.

College was where it all happened.  I loved my time there and of course being with good friend made it all better. Together we explored the city, tried out new eateries and cried on each other’s shoulders.  I remember studying together in the library, hanging out in the lab (with me trying to help although I have no clue about robotics.  I did help put together a motor for a robot leg though!), buying lunch at food trucks, late night karaokes, or cooking dinners.   Her room was always where we hung out.  It was where everyone hung out.  People from near and far would come and together we’d cook some delicious food.  Those were the times.

It was cosy, it was comfortable.  It was where you could be yourself without having to worry.   Knowing that I have an urge to be tidy, she wouldn’t mind my just going around and putting this and that in neat piles. Late night chats were common as were Sunday walks.

For some reason, Sundays were always a day we’d be studying, get bored and then out of the blue call each other up.  Then we’d walk to centre city.  Those trips always resulted in us buying something together.  I remember my friend getting a TV on sale, I,  a VDO player.  Then there were the New Balances shoes (we each got one on sale) and our first mobile phones.  We bought a pair with the Valentine special from Circuit City.  I believe it was two for the price of one.  A nokia, with black and green screens.  Back then, it was already quite good but nothing compared to today’s smartphones and iPhones.  Yes, we were a valentine special.  Still makes me grin just thinking about it.

Then as she continued on to study, and I came home to work our paths diverged but our friendship never.  MSN and calling cards kept us in touch.   I remember on the night of 9-11, after watching the news, I rang all those who were dear to me in the US.   She had not known.   Then on nights when I felt like I needed someone to just be there, I’d call half way around the world and sure enough, the same comforting voice would always be there.

I was happy when she came back.  Yes, finally we could meet again. For some reason, we now have twin cars. It just happened, we both wanted new cars at the same time and buying two at the same time was just  a better deal. Now she is away again, but still we keep in touch.  Luckily soon she will be back.  I miss you dearest friend. No matter how near or far, you’d always be a dearest friend to me.

Happy Birthday!!

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