Bangkok Lunch Trip: Seafood at Rabienta-Le, Bangpu

It’s Friday evening and the weekend lies ahead.  When I get tired, when I need a holiday sometimes all it takes is a little day trip to revitalize the soul.  Just an hour outside of Bangkok and already it can make one feel relaxed. I see the big open sky high above me and somehow it dissolves away the hassles and tiredness of everyday life.  If you are wondering what to do this weekend, perhaps you can take a little trip to Bang pu (Bangpoo).  It’s actually only around 45 minutes away and a good place to just go have a good lunch and come back refreshed.

Bang pu is adjacent to Bangkok in Samut Prakarn province and lies southeast of Bangkok.  It borders on the Gulf of Thailand and that’s where its charm lies.  You can go have a nice meal by the gulf and it’s only an hour’s drive away.  A good place to escape the hassle and bustle of modern Bangkok.  A restaurant Alex and I tried and have since gone back is called “Rabiengta- Le” which literally translates to the “Sea Balcony.”

They have a few branches, but the one in Bangpu is located in a particularly nice location on the edge of the gulf.  You can therefore have lunch with a sea view.  It’s not beautiful (especially during the monsoons season when the waters are muddy), but its the sea and somehow that always makes things alright.  You get the breeze and the wide open space.  The mind clears up.

Rabiengta-le sells all kinds of seafood, but what I enjoy is always the basic dishes.  We ordered fish deep fried in fish sauce, prawn cakes, crab fried rice and soft shell crab fried with garlic.  Everything was delicious and fresh.  Hot off the stove.  Yes, together with just the two of us, we polished off enough food to feed five people.  The table next to us had around five people and they actually ordered roughly the same amount of food.  I even had their dessert of Sala in ice and syrup.  Definitely a good way to end the meal. It’s so refreshing.

The price was also very reasonable.  All that food came out to only around 700 thb ($23).  That’s not much compared to if we had the same kind of food in town.

An added benefit is the little walkway just in front of the restaurant.  You can walk around and sit on the bench looking out to sea. We loved it and will definitely go back there again.

Oh here’s their website:  Sadly it’s only in Thai.

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