Book binding for the soul

Tonight I write not about travels, good eats, nor exercise.  I write about a little activity that is great for relaxing and in the end you get something that also comes in handy, a little notebook or sketchbook.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved books and stationery.   I could spend hours on end in bookstores, browsing through the titles, flipping through titles and feeling the paper between my hands.  This love for books included a love for stationery.  Fine writing paper, beautifully crafted notebooks and calligraphy pens were my thing.  As I grow older, it now involves a love for books that have been handcrafted.  I have a sketchbook that I handmade in highschool and it still holds up fine.  Everytime I use it, I remember sitting there making the cover and cutting up the paper. Drawings inside date from the 1990’s, but each one holds a memory.   Happy memories.  It’s not surprising my first drawing is of my beloved dog.

Looking around for a nice notebook in Bangkok, I could not find one to suit my taste.  I therefore decided to make one myself.  Yes, I walked over to the art section, got myself book binding tape, latex glue, art paper, hard cardboard paper and found a beautiful piece of paper that would be the cover.  I could paint a cover myself, like I did before but maybe not this time.

I came home and spread everything out.  I sat there on the floor for hours, cutting up paper, measuring sizes and making sure that covers and pages measured out.   Then came the actual sewing of the pages together and then making sure they were held together tight.  I have to tell you, those were one of the most relaxing several hours I’ve had in a long time (despite a slight backache).

I’m still in search of a nice finishing touch to my notebooks but they are almost complete.  So if you know not what to do this weekend or need a little relaxation, take up a project and do something
with your hands. It works wonders. 🙂

Where did I buy the material? Not going out of my way, I got most of it at B2S art section at Central World which is quite large and has most everything for the amateur artist.  However, if you want beautiful papers for the cover go to the imported art section at Paragon.

Have fun and enjoy!