As free as the wind blows

Today is my free Sunday and it is an especially special one for I have not an appointment in the world today.  There is no place I have to be, nothing I have to go out and get, no one I have to go meet, it’s a totally free free Sunday.  I have no plans, and I don’t want any. Not today anyways.  I think free days like this everyone should have every now and then.  It works wonders for the soul and mind.

Most days I wake up and already have a list of things I have to get done.  In fact, I know what I have to do tomorrow before I go to bed the night before so I can plan my wake up time and sleep time.  I think about things I have to get done for work, deadlines, things to follow up on and etc…  Then there are personal things you have to get done, like running, bills to be paid before a certain date or reservations to be made.  If I have to go somewhere, I have to work backwards and plan the departure time and get ready time so I can get to the appointment on time.  It’s tiring.  The brain must constantly keep track of these things.

My iPhone helps. I write things down, add alerts and put them in my calendar.  Still I have to check every morning for things you have to finish doing or appointments that have to be kept.  There is no free time to just decide that maybe I want to take a nap now and maybe I just want to sit and read a good book that’s gathering dust on my shelf.   Maybe I just don’t want to do anything and curl up on the couch with a good DVD.  Maybe I won’t do anything. Nothing. Nada.

The best part is that it is up to me.  The choice is up to me whether I want to do it now or maybe in another hour or so when I feel like it.   Maybe I might go out to starbucks if I feel like it.  Maybe I won’t.  This is the luxury of having a free day.  Being free and being able to just decide our own day is indeed refreshing.  If you are feeling tired, feeling abit overstretched as if you are trying to be a superwoman or a superman who can handle every task in this world, I say take a day off.   Allot a day when you don’t have any appointments, or things you have to do.   Take a day for yourself.  It wonders wonders for the soul and mind.  Happy Sunday!

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