The List

It’s August already and the end of the year is fast approaching. Just like that.  In a few months 2011 will be over and done with.  However, there are still a zillion things I want to do and so today I give you instead a list of places I still want to go to and things I want to do before the year is up.  I’ll probably be adding to this list as the months go by so ideas are more than welcomed!

Walk up to the Golden Mount Temple;
Go inside Hualumphong Train Station;
Take a one day train trip on Thailand’s ancient railroad (steam engine if possible);
Take the Chaophraya Express Cruise 9 Temple Tour;
Take a one day trip to Pattaya;
Take pictures of old shop house signs in Old Bangkok;
Walk along Saphan Kwai, an old business district;
Discover the wholesale flower market (PaklongTalad);
Visit the Grand Palace;
Explore the weekend jatuchak market;
Organize my photos and burn DVDs;
Finish making my handmade books;
Reorganize Having “Me” Time Website;
Initiate an event;
Run the 5K Bangkok Marathon;

If you have any suggestions for places I should go to and things I should do, please feel free to let me know!! Lets start on this journey together for together we are better 🙂

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