A Surprise to Remember

I dedicate tonight’s post to my dear colleagues with whom I spend more time than I am at home.  Today I have to admit I was truly surprised and would like to say a big “Thank You” everyone for having planned, ordered, putting candles on the frozen ice cream, being there,  and singing happy birthday so loud I have to admit I was literally lost for words.  I really appreciate it.  Thank you everyone.  You make my day.

I really was not expecting this for it was a Monday and everyone was busy, very busy, there are always a zillion things to do.  I imagined the whole cake thing would occur at a later more relaxed date.  Today’s event was indeed a surprise that made my heart skip a beat.    I had presumed I was going up to the office to wish farewell to another colleague.  I am that gullible.  I believed it. You can imagine how surprised I was to  find myself walking into a room full of people surrounding a huge box of scrumptious ice-cream from one of my favorite brands.  It was also so beautifully lighted up.  I wish I had taken pictures, but I was so touched I forgot.  Nevertheless, it remains captured in my mind for years to come.

No matter how old, I suppose I shall always like ice cream, birthday surprises and birthday candles.  It’s the little girl inside of me jumping up and down in delight.

I have to admit this is indeed the first birthday surprise I remember having.  Usually sitting in the same office, you somehow sense something,  but this year I am sitting at another desk and so had no idea what was going on two floors above me.  My colleague gave a wonderful excuse to get me upstairs saying it was to wish another colleague farewell.  I thought it credible, for we are indeed in the midst of saying farewell to a few of our colleagues.

Thank you dear colleagues.  Thank you for being such wonderful people, thank you for being such great co-workers.  I feel grateful to be able to work with you all and be surrounded by such smart and innately good people. Luv ya. 🙂   See you all tomorrow!

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