Another Year, Another Step, Thank you.

July has come and vanished before my eyes as if it were a firefly.  It’s my birthday month and now I am officially another year older.  (Hopefully a little wiser. )  Birthdays are one of those days you can’t wait for to arrive when you are a child, get a little anxious when it gets to a turning point, (like when you turn 30 or move up another notch), yet there remains a certain childish feeling of happiness one cannot quite put into words.  Though it dissipates over time, hints of it remain in the system as if it were a glowing glittering firefly that never dies.

Birthdays for me have always been one of those days to celebrate with friends and families.   Three decades on they still are but of course things have evolved. No more days of hot potato games, blowing out candles (that actually reflect your actual birthday), or  playing hide and seek.  Now it’s dinners and lunches in restaurants surrounded by those who matter most.   Now its facebook wishes from around the globe.  I have to admit it is something to “like” about facebook.

Nevertheless, looking back on this past year, I wonder if I am indeed older and wiser as the saying
goes.   I have to admit I do not know, for being “wise” depends on your  definition.  What I do know is this:

There are :
– many things I have yet to learn in this world
– many dreams waiting yet to be accomplished
– many places waiting yet to be discovered
– many prayers yet to be said
– many things to be improved upon (personal things like speaking louder, forgetting less…etc..)
– many things to forgive

Thinking about this, I hopefully still have several more decades ahead of me to work them out.  It shall be an interesting one and one that is still a mystery waiting to be explored.

For the moment though, I’d like to Thank You my family, Alex, my sisters, and my friends for always being there for me.  I thank you everyone for being who they are and for supporting me through everything 🙂  Thank you.  This is what makes life worth living.

Another year, another step, lets keep on moving together!! 🙂