Gone Bananas

Courtesy of Flickr

The world has gone bananas.  Bombings, shootings and phone hacking scandals are what dominate the headlines.  Everywhere I go, those are what people are reading about.  The world has indeed gone bananas.  If you can’t already guess by now, I thought today I’d write about how good it is to actually go “bananas.”  No, don’t take me literally and go crazy,  what I want to say is eat bananas.

The past few weeks, I’ve returned to my healthy snack routine at the office which involves daily does of fresh bananas.  I bring along two each morning.  One for my mid morning snack and one for the mid afternoon snack.  Some days if I anticipate long hours, I bring an extra banana.

They are great especially if you are looking for a healthy alternative to chips, fried chicken or the grilled pork skewers that set up shop outside the office building. Bananas are rich in fiber and so they keep you filling full.  If you notice, atheletes (especially tennis players) will have a banana during their short breaks.  Why?  bananas release energy quickly, keeping you full of energy during that race or workout.

Not only that, according to caloriecounter.com bananas are very low in saturated fact.  For a medium sized banana, it is roughly 104 calories with only 4 coming from fat. How wonderful is that?   Then for those who have high cholesterol, there’s good news.  Bananas have no cholesterol and are very low in sodium.  The high level of dietary fiber in bananas keep your energy level in check, regulates your bowel movements and since it is not acidic, it does not affect those with ulcers.   It’s high in potassium, and very high in vitamin B6 which is  supposedly good for your immune system and regulating hormones.  B6 reduces inflammation and has been said to help those with learning or developmental problems.  Oh, it also has a lot of vitamin C which we all know is good for us!!

So if you find yourself hungry, and don’t know what to eat (which isn’t french fries or other fatty foods) then grab yourself a banana to eat.  There are many different types of bananas out there, but my favorite is the chiquita style one. The big one 🙂

Have a happy banana day! (oh, don’t think that you can have Tokyo Bananas instead, or banana cakes, etc..those will be added with sugar which isn’t as healthy as having fresh bananas)

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