Fitness Tip: Wear Pants

If you are like me, somedays the discipline just goes on holiday and it takes awhile to get it back.  You start on a series of eating out with friends, then more and more reunions come your way, and before you know it, you keep wanting to eat more.    For the ladies out there, here’s a tip on how to make sure you don’t eat too much:  Wear Pants.  Wear Jeans.  or Wear Skirts with waists that do not expand.

I’m a big fan of skirts and dresses and I love the ones without any waists.  They just flow over and then you tie it up with a little belt or a bow to finish the look.  They’re comfortable, they’re convenient and they are perfect for Bangkok’s hot weather.  However, they can be quite dangerous if you eat out a lot when your discipline has gone on holiday.  You don’t feel your stomach expanding and you can keep on eating till your heart’s content.  As long as the mind isn’t full, there is more room to grow (your stomach that is).

So the past two weeks, I have put aside the soft dresses and opted instead for jeans. (Not the loose ones, wear ones that are form fitting)  They’re great. They help remind me that I’m full.  Sitting on my waist, whenever my stomach starts expanding too much, it will start getting tight.  You know then that you’ve eaten your fair amount of food.  (Ideally it shouldn’t get too tight)  You know then that this is all you should eat.  This is enough for this one sitting.  It gets uncomfortable.

Of course it doesn’t only have to be jeans, but I think that they are the most form fitting pants and since they are tightly woven, they won’t expand too much. (They work great for me :))  If you wear soft cotton pants, the effect will be much less and you might end up eating more than you should.    Of course nothing beats being aware of what you eat, but this is a tool that can help you when you forget 🙂    What do you think?  What are other ways you can remind yourself?