The Chirping Birds

Since it’s the long weekend in Bangkok, I thought I’d share with you a funny story (or not) to liven things up.  This is a true story yet it is one that makes me smile everything I think about it.

It happened just the other evening.  Around my house there are lots of birds, and every evening they fly around searching for food to feed their young ones.  They’d fly around chirping and chirping to no end.  It’s wonderful to be surrounded by nature.   As I came home one night and walked pass a room, I thought to myself, “oh the birds are really having a round today!  They are chirping really loudly.”

I didn’t think much about it, and went into my own room minding my own business.  I went down to dinner and then came upstairs. Again I hear the sound of chirping birds, but it’s now dark outside and I start to wonder why the birds haven’t yet returned to their nests.  I walk around the room and realize that the sound is really quite loud.

It seems to sound like it is almost in the bedroom. I guess that it must be coming from under the ceiling. They sound so beautiful and fresh I even took my iPhone to record their sound.  I climb up near to the ceiling, give it a few taps and call the rest of household to listen.  We look outside, climb out into the balcony with a big spotlight and spot a gap under the roof with proof of a bird nest with twigs danging down out the hole.

It’s confirmed, the birds must have built a nest under our roof and somehow gotten near to the ceiling.

I suddenly feel sorry for the birds.  To chirp so loudly the poor little birds must be indeed hungry.  They must be waiting for their food but perhaps something happened to the mother bird?  Perhaps an accident? Perhaps it got eaten by a snake?  A thousand thoughts rushed through my mind.

We decide we’d call the roof man the next morning to fix the hole and get the little birds out before they die of hunger.  We debate whether they will come on such short notice…

We each drift off to our own business and a good evening rest.

Then my brother comes home.  He’s been told of the birds stuck under the ceiling and together we
go see the place of incident.

Can you guess what happens next?  Did we manage to rescue the lovely birds?

Yes we did.  The little birds are hungry no more.

He switched them off those chirping birds.  The chirping birds had been the alarm on the iPad!!!!   Yes, they were the iPad bird alarm.

My starving hungry birds were not real.  My brain had tricked me into believing the birds were coming from up above when in reality they were on the desk below.  I suppose we can never truly believe what we truly hear!!    Hahaha..that’s all folk’s!  Have a good evening 🙂

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