Elections, Elections

As the title says, Elections Elections.  Yes, this weekend is Election weekend in Thailand.  Tomorrow,  Sunday, 3rd July 2011,  millions of people will be going out to vote for Thailand’s next government.   For a country the size of France with a population of roughly 65million people, this is no small event.  For a country that has gone through political conflicts, protests, demonstrations that even resulted in bloodshed and lives loss, this is a major event.  It’s a turning point in Thai history whatever the outcome.

I have to say that eversince the elections were announced a little fear popped up inside me and would not disappear.  I fear violence, I fear politcal chaos, I fear the conflict will persist.  I fear the defeated party will (whoever that will be) will not accept the results.  I fear more protests will occur, I fear more lives will be lost.

I fear our country, Thailand, will move backwards rather than forward.  Two steps backward for
every step forward.  Yes, I fear for our country.  I love Thailand, I want it to move forward. Grow and be a country where people are proud to call their own.

I want politicians to stop thinking about themselves, their interests and think more for the country. I want everyone to work together in unity.  I dream that one day everyone will set aside differences and actually do and act upon what they say. No more of this battle of words.  I dream and pray that whoever leads Thailand next, looks at the long term goals, set clear plans and implement them.  I pray those in power
realize that they hold the future of our nation in their hands. I pray that public spending must be used wisely, not be given out as if it were candy.  Afterall, that’s my money in there.  We don’t want to end up in a mess that only gets messier.  Look at what mess the european countries are in now.

I want no more of this bickering for self-interests. No more policy corruption to help one own self or one’s families and friends.  If we work together we will go far.  Thailand will go further than one can ever
imagine.  Imagine, even with all this mess we have come this far.  How much further can we go if we cleared up all this and focused on working for the greater good.

Yes, tomorrow is election day.  Pray go and vote for those you think will truly help the country.  Vote not for a party because someone told you to, vote not for a party just because your family says so, vote for the party you, yourself truly believe will be better for the country.   Look pass the exterior.  Who has better thoughts and ideas?  Who has more ability?

Do not miss the election.  This is a crucial turning point in our history and every vote counts.

If you deem both of them evil. Then choose the lesser evil of the two.  I know who I want.  I hope you do too.  Happy Election and lets pray for a peaceful end to all this conflict!

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