A Bird’s Life

It’s the little things that matter.  What is it that make one happy?  Is it money? Is it wealth? Is it getting that newest bag or that trendiest fashion item? Or is it the little things?  In my thirties, I realize that for me now it is the little things.  A thought, a gesture, an experience.

The other day, I came home and since the weather was so lovely I sat on the front porch to take in some fresh air.  The weather was cool, the wind blew, trees wavered in the wind and birds flew here and there preparing their dinner (or so I think).

This for me was happiness.

I sat there looking out into the open sky whilst sounds of birds chirping filled the air.   Birds would fly and perch on the electrical wires forming a sihoulette against the darkening sky.  Someones one, sometimes two, or maybe more.  I could hear as the gush of wind ruffled leaves of nearby trees.   I wonder what makes birds happy.  Do birds know what happiness is? Or is it simply having food and wings to fly sufficient for them?  If so what is sufficient for us?

Can watching  birds fly around be sufficient to make us happy?

Yes it can. For that moment, that period of time. I was happy.  It’s the little things. Yes it is. What do you think?

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