An Unconventional Life

If you’ve read the New York Times this past weekend, you might have come across an article entitled “Baby Makes Four, and Complications.” It’s a very interesting article about how nowadays there are increasingly a number of “unconventional” families.

A conventional family is one with fathers, mothers and siblings. We get older, study, start our careers and the next step is most certainly a traditional settling down. We get married, have kids and continue on the cycle. This is what is taught to us in grade school. This is what kids play in the playground. I remember role playing this with friends.  This is what is expected of you.

However, due to the economy, circumstances, unforeseeable events sometimes we find ourselves in an “unconventional” life. So was the life of Carol. She found herself in the fourties and unmarried. No “Mr. Perfect” had come along. She wanted a child, but she didn’t have a father. One of her good friends helped provide the sperm. Mr. Russell. The only catch was that he was gay and had a boyfriend called Mr. Nimmons.

He didn’t want to be a parent, but he wanted to help his friend out.

When Griffin was born, Mr. Russell didn’t attend nor did he attend the birthday party. Things were a little confused as to the relationship. Was he a father? or an uncle? Things finally worked out though and now every Sunday they all have dinner together. This family of four. Carol and baby Griffin with Uncle Russell and Nimmons. One day Griffin will learn the truth.

It’s not your “conventional” life, but I suppose that is life. You can’t control the future, you just have to make the most of it. I don’t think Carol in her teens or twenties would have thought she would be a single Mom in her fourties with a sperm from her gay friend. It’s just not something you grow up thinking about.

So who’s to say which kind of life is better? There’s no easy answer, but in the end I suppose this is what you call “life.” You make the best with what you have. Life doesn’t have to be conventional, but if it’s what works for you then that is your life. You make the most of what you have and do the best with it. Carol wanted a baby and through invitro fertilization she got one. She opted for an unconventional life, and she seems happy with it. I suppose that’s what matters.

What do you think?

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